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casamolino 26th July 2019 10:31


Originally Posted by smash (Post 101463)
Eibachs give it a perfect stance, had them on mine. They do settle a bit so it will end up ever so slightly lower.

The dishing and offset on the wheels makes huge difference - looks spot on.

Have you done anything to the track on the front, I can't imagine those wheels would've gone under the arches on my Kalifirnia. Wish Grassbank had been around!

No mod on the front , speaking to Justin at Grassbank it is a fair old job , obviously the car would look better with it but i does work without , i have used wire wheels supplied by Grassbank and the dish on those wheels is spot on , the narrow track mod has been carried out on the back , thanks Geoff . PS were the springs you used -30m?

smash 26th July 2019 12:43

Well it doesn't need the front mod, it looks spot on to me.

Yes 30mm drop. My rears were slightly catching arch under hard acceleration but I was on 16" 215/60s (I think! Feels like a lifetime ago!!)

Are you going to add chrome around screen and chrome the side frames? - that really would the cherry on top

casamolino 26th July 2019 17:57

Thanks for that:icon_wink: i have added to the list , Geoff .

Egdik 19th August 2019 22:00

Tribute Owners Meeting
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Attachment 6297

Owners Meeting

Saturday September 7th

Lunch at The Pelican Inn

Froxfield, on the A4 between Hungerford & Marlborough

We are welcome and booked from 11am with lunch at around 12.30pm

There are two spacious car parks, where we can have a drink and talk Tribute Cars.

Afterwards you / we can drive round a bit of Hampshire to the

Silk Mill at Whitchurch

for tea, overlooking the river Test, last orders 3.30pm.

If you are interested the Pelican Inn also has a room or two overnight on the Friday and or Saturday. We are staying there Friday night.

Please let me know if you will attend or at least think about it.

Please excuse us putting this notice on people's threads, but it is worth trying to have a social event.

casamolino 9th November 2019 07:25

Good morning the weather here was unfashionably good yesterday , blue sky sunny and no rain , i went out for a drive in the SWB , the suspension has probably settled slightly since replacing the springs and shockers , Geoff .

DaveP 9th November 2019 07:51

Looking good !

That drop is just right.

Love that colour too. A blooming classy car indeed.

My compliments


Egdik 9th November 2019 12:27


Jaguartvr 9th November 2019 14:39

It's all down to the colour!!!!

Looking very nice. Could do with more info on the door windows, looks so much better than the land rover style windows.

smash 9th November 2019 22:24

Looks great and the dish on the wheels really makes axdifference. K

Keep your eyes on rear tyres - I found after my Eibachs settled the tyres caught the arches under hard acceleration. Tell tale wear on the outer shoulder of the tyres. Spring savers are an easy fix and square the car up as the front never seems to drop as much.

casamolino 10th November 2019 08:07

Many thanks for the comments , ref the side windows , these were sorted out by Chris at Tribute using the standard Z3 drive mech with the glass replaced by a (scratch resistant acrylic sheet) , Geoff .

Jaguartvr 10th November 2019 09:20

Thanks Geoff. I did wonder if the glass from a Z3 coupe would work as it has a full window instead of the cutaway window of the convertible.
Trouble is that there are not many about.

redratbike 10th November 2019 19:23

Look like they have the same window setup

Paul L 17th November 2019 06:57

Geoff - Your car looks great. :cool:

deggsy 17th November 2019 09:37

Love it looks stunning.

smash 22nd November 2019 06:09

Geoff can you PM me who did the dash conversion please or did you do it yourself? Many thanks

casamolino 22nd November 2019 12:43

PM sent , Geoff .

smash 22nd November 2019 14:03

Got it - many thanks

casamolino 25th May 2020 12:10

Good afternoon all , hope all posters are well and using the time for their projects . A couple of posters on here will be aware that i have my SWB up for sale on a number of web-sites , one of which is a large auction site , my car is listed as a Classified ad , i have used this type of ad before and you tend to get people asking questions where the answers are in the ad , or people making offers (to test the water) , i logged on the site last week to see that somebody had made an offer it was £6000!!!!!!!!!! , why would you? i cant think of a single reason . I ignored the offer and assumed i would never hear from them again , well a couple of days ago another offer turned up from the same person this time £6500!!!!!!!! , if they were allowed to make another 40 offers we would be there , all the best Geoff .

Lucky@LeMans 25th May 2020 14:35

At least the idiots are filtered out by not being able to place a false bid to end the auction. I had a plausible offer for my car the other day. He hadn't contacted me prior to the offer but he was a bidder with 100% feedback. Emailed him the same day only for him to tell me he had bought another car instead ! I think it must be the heat of the sun and full moon acting together !

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