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jonkoxe 11th December 2015 10:24

Anybody know this Kobra - eBay

Does anybody on here know anything about this Kobra on eBay please. Looks really nicely finished and built on the best donor imoa.
I really like the front spoiler detail.$_57.JPG

Danny_HUFC 11th December 2015 17:46

Love the colour on that!

Triumph Special 11th December 2015 19:55

The best far: the offset on the wheels is absolutely spot-on. With a rear diffuser like Danny's it'd be perfect!

Danny_HUFC 11th December 2015 20:59

I do love the wheels aswell. Maybe a bit too chrome for me. If they where in silver they would set the car off better. There is 3 on ebay at the min. The red 1 with low miles at a reduced price of 10,900 (not sure on the cream interior). Mine with a more modern look at 11,950 and this blue 1 at 12,995. Hard competition for selling a kobra now!.... Especially if your kobra is in Spain!

IanA 11th December 2015 21:54


Originally Posted by jonkoxe (Post 73316)
...Looks really nicely finished and built on the best donor imoa....

I like those seats even if the current angle of dangle is wrong... a pair in mid-brown for my Z300S please.

redratbike 11th December 2015 22:32

Shame about the wonky number plate , and light? that's off centre as well.....just saying

Mister Towed 12th December 2015 06:27


Originally Posted by redratbike (Post 73333)
Shame about the wonky number plate , and light? that's off centre as well.....just saying

Could it be that the great photos, shiny paint and (admittedly surprisingly nice) blingy wheels mask an otherwise shoddy build?

Those bullet mirrors are going to be completely useless for anything but decoration and an MOT pass too, you won't be able to see anything at all by looking at them from the driver's seat.

Nice use of those slimline bucket seats though. Shame the rest of the interior is stock apart from the nasty aftermarket steering wheel. :peep:

Danny_HUFC 12th December 2015 08:18


Originally Posted by redratbike (Post 73333)
Shame about the wonky number plate , and light? that's off centre as well.....just saying

I picked up on the reverse lights not being correctly distanced from the stripes. And I had them mirrors on my mx250 and they were only for show!

Mind you, its easy for me to pick faults with other cars similar to mine for sale! :redface:

WorldClassAccident 12th December 2015 09:17

I hadn't looked at all the pictures but that rear stripe is set slightly to the left right the way down. Boot hinges, number plate light, reversing lights. Probably only 1/2cm but once you have spotted it, you can't unsee it. I wonder if the stripe in central on the car and everything else is offset to the right?

smash 12th December 2015 09:49

God who built that? They need a set square and spirit level!

Paint looks like a top job and perfect choice (known as "resale blue" by the cobra club) but the rear number plate light is on the piss and not central to the boot handle and the reversing lights look to be off to the left?

Nice Prototipo steering wheel - always liked them but odd choice for cobra?

Might have been better to go with black quick lifts at the back as less visual reference in terms of alignment issues. think I'd go with L542 rear lights as they are the classic 427 rear light and it's quite easy to convert the reflectors to orange LED indicators

Anyone know what they used for the chrome insert around the screen?

IanA 12th December 2015 10:08


Originally Posted by smash (Post 73347)
...Paint looks like a top job and perfect choice (known as "resale blue" by the cobra club)...

It is a kit car interpretation, not a replica. Probably not built to sell on otherwise it might have had replica bumper/bars or quick-lifts, lights, wind deflectors, mirrors and all the other replica stuff that's available.

I won't comment on anything mis-aligned. It could be the pics and anyway I hope that the eventual painted stripes look better than my stick-on efforts on my Z300S.

smash 12th December 2015 16:38

Nothing wrong with vinyl stripes!

This is my old AK cobra - the stripes are vinyl and were cut by Kettering Motor Factors in Romford (sadly long gone). They're cut tappered wider at the cockpit end than at nose. the story is Shelby wanted them to look straight when you looked at the car head on....

I stuck the L542s on with the orange led conversion - great thing about LEDs vs filament orange bulb is it still shows orange through the red lens - well, enough for MOT purposes anyway

Triumph Special 12th December 2015 17:34

All the faults pointed out are fair enough (and noticed by me, too), but the black-painted spoiler, suspension height and wheel offset are excellent. It is a shame legality decrees any door mirrors necessary, as they are all fairly awful, really!

Lucky@LeMans 12th December 2015 20:35

I have put a couple of cars through MOT's without side mirrors without problem. Most of the small bullit type mirrors are next to useless anyway.

The wheels and paint look good on this one , shame about lack of detail regards fitting. Just shows these cars have potential if built well. Price is good too for a Cobra .

Lucky@LeMans 14th December 2015 11:45

I think the current Kobra's for sale have set the bench mark price for well finished examples. Still a "budget" Cobra replica at between 10 - 13k is spot on .
There is a big jump up to what some would call a "proper" replica with a Ford Sierra / Granada or even Cortina base where you would expect to pay 20k plus. I know what I would rather have !

scottyr6 14th December 2015 13:44

I don't normally post on that forums but I've got to say this is the best sitting kobra I've seen so far. It just looks right worth no gap in the arches. I assume it's on coilovers wound right down. Wouldn't normally like chrome wheels on this car but they seem to suit it. Wish it was a bit nearer to me as would be nice to see it close up.

Crofty 14th December 2015 20:18

Hi Smash love the colour of your old AK Cobra could you tell me the colour.

smash 15th December 2015 12:17

Crofty - It's a Renault colour - I had the car partially resprayed due to very minor damage round the front mouth.

They couldn't quite match it so had the whole thing done in the end but the colour they used was Renault and I'm pretty sure it was a Renault 25 colour of all things which makes sense based on when the car was originally built as one of AK's demos when they first formed as AK. Sorry no idea of code and respray was about 9 years ago now! (which is when my obsession with internal hinges started lol!)

IanA 15th December 2015 18:05


Originally Posted by smash (Post 73390)
Crofty - It's a Renault colour - ...I'm pretty sure it was a Renault 25 colour ...

We had a 1987 Renault 25 V6 Injection in that colour, lovely biscuit leather interior.
Had some touch-up paint as well but can't help with the code- sorry.
The "run-out" R25 Executive models were that colour as well with a black leather interior.
Now remembering those "the woman you woke up with this morning" adverts...

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