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Welshkiwi 24th September 2020 05:43

Very long time between posts.....Boot lock worked out
Hi all,

I have been working away through Covid chaos and with some "new balance" i.e. a 3 1/2 day work week have managed to get a bit done on the car. Optimistic that Certification is weeks away and not months....

Finally got the boot lock worked out, was brave and cut away access holes etc to allow me to frame it all up/access parts and it has worked out.

The photos tell a lot of it, but basically I am using the original BMW boot key tumbler (minus the central locking), the original lock mechanism upside down (on the boot lid) and the striker plate fixed to the car.

Took a while, but the photos are off the whole system working, boot shuts and locks and open with the button push. Need to finish off fixing it all in place and finishing the frame in the boot lid/covering the mechanism. The wiring for the boot lock is also being run in conduit fixed to the boot lid..... Only slight downside is I had to change the exterior with a panel to hide the depth of the lock, but will fair it all in and blend so it looks better.....Shutlines also have to be worked on as they are a bit out just now..... Here ya go.

Welshkiwi 27th September 2020 00:44

Boot lock - Further
Hi all,

Further work on the boot-lid/lock.

Frame glassed in, boot tumbler connector rod adjusted for shape and fitted. Boot lock connector/harness is active so the light comes on as the boot opens. - But I have fitted a switch to shut that off incase it decides it wants to come on unknowingly. Plus it means I can have the boot-lid open, switch isolated and the battery doesn't drain. So can at least switch it on if needed to be on due I drop my lipstick in the dark recesses of the boot. :icon_smile:
Signs are for me so I don't leave it switched on!

Of course needs finaling/box in/carpeting/boot lines etc but the boot works......

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