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jeremy 21st March 2021 16:11

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After the longest build in history and many life events later, I found a few spare hours to tidy up the car in preparation for IVA. I would value all tips from all of you that have negotiated and got through the test. Some photos from today.

kon 22nd March 2021 08:13

That looks great, love the seats :)

Mitchelkitman 22nd March 2021 08:29

I can't quite see from the photos, but it would appear the mudguard edges (in particular the front edges of the front mudguards) may be too sharp. They may need either return edges, or at least a radius to blunt them - worth checking the manual.

jeremy 22nd March 2021 17:01

iva application

Is this the right application form? Has anybody a copy of their own they would share with me via PM?

Patrick 22nd March 2021 17:53

Looks really nice! :)

Something things that might help, this is from the SVA days - from 2007 so some things may have changed since then:
  • Bottom of the dash radius - I used pipe insulation foam covered in interior fabric
  • Car front / rear axle weights
  • Any sheet metal, inc the bonnet edges need rubber on them
  • Check for any brake lines near the exhaust and add heat shielding if needed
  • Mirrors - check the current rules make sure you can see, I needed convex glass to pass the test (I then later changed to bullet style mirrors with convex, but they'd have failed due to surface area size)
  • One of the check they do it a emergency stop test to make sure the front locks before the rears
  • Check the exhaust tips are not within the radius cones/test area. If they are they need to pass the radius test. I added a bar to the rear of the car so the exhaust tips were outside the testable area. (See:

Some stuff from my first SVA attempt and what failed:

SVA Fixes:

SVA Gallery:

Common SVA issues for Sportsters:

NeilF355 23rd March 2021 08:49


Originally Posted by jeremy (Post 106183)

Is this the right application form?

It looks like it. This one is from the Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency (DVSA) website and comes with a guide to it's completion.

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