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Aus Simmo 16th September 2017 23:14

New direction for DNA
I just checked the DNA site which has been down for ages.

They now have pics of a rather nice 356 Speedster with some modern/outlaw styling cues.

No other info on the site as yet but a very nice return to form after their recent issues.

JG 17th September 2017 08:25

Looks like they have nicked Towed's idea :spy:

It's the sort of 356 speedster that appeals to me though

lancelot link 17th September 2017 08:58

Looking at the screen style and angle and body width , I'd say its a glue-on in their usual style rather than a fully body/chassis idea like Towed's ...looks interesting though ...does anyone know the donor ?

Jaguartvr 17th September 2017 13:22

Pictures look very nice, not normally my cuppa tea but that could tempt me.

Looking at the windscreen I would guess it is based on a Boxter, very neat conversion if it is. I love the way that he has managed to keep the original roof so that if still folds away completely. It also appears
to have kept the rear pop up spoiler, modern twist on an old style. Love it.

I think MrTowed would be well advised to sink his recent windfall into one of these instead of his intended project.

Having had a second look I can feel my wallet twitching.

redratbike 17th September 2017 15:37 Like this one

Barber 17th September 2017 16:36

Less is more as they say. Less information and no doubt more money.

lancelot link 17th September 2017 16:43


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 90693)
I think MrTowed would be well advised to sink his recent windfall into one of these instead of his intended project.

I think he could do a lot worse than recreate another car in a similar vein to the S*mmio he's just sold ....

molleur 17th September 2017 17:12

Again, Starke has produced only renderings so far. They say a
pre-production model will be shown in Las Vegas end of this month.
Very expensive and different.

tricky360 18th September 2017 18:31

Dna have changed direction from doing kits to doing bespoke builds now
This speedster is one of the first in a hopefully long line of cars , some will be going in to production, some will be limited numbers and some will be completely one offs
They will be doing the development and production and will be the point of contact for the speedster but it's not a Dna car

Jaguartvr 18th September 2017 20:38

Shame it's not going to be a kit.

Barber 19th September 2017 13:29

Porsche 986/987 it says now.
They are speaking to you Jag

peterux 20th September 2017 16:53

Reading this....
....makes me think that the Boxster could be an expensive donor.

This ones not for me. The attraction of the original Speedster is its diminutive size. I think the Chesil 'recreations' are just beautiful.

Munky 21st September 2017 02:45

I've seen pics that Starke have sent out to those interested and also more recently the WestCoast Customs car based on the Boxster coupe and can tell you, what Brian has developed is streets ahead.

Peterux, I've been a long term 356 dreamer and have owned an Intermeccanica speedster (early one with tons of original parts) and more recently a very highly specced JPS coupe (think new everything, 140bhp engine, leather interior, aircon, disc brakes all round, freeway flyer transmission) and it still was too much of a handful driving it in a straight line down the freeway at more than 55. What was worse was seeing a bunch of people in modern trashed cars driving by, as if it was nothing (while I was white knuckle riding it).

I would strongly recommend driving a 356 kit based on a bug down the motorway, before you fall deeply enough to let go of the cash.

For that reason alone, I think a Boxster base is a great idea if not bigger than the original.

Jaguartvr 21st September 2017 10:21

It is going to be only available as a finished car, which will put it out of my price range. Shame but I can see the reasoning and would have to agree with it.
Being a much larger car to me is a big plus, not a replica but a car in its own right.
Good luck to DNA for this new venture but I don't think they are going to need it.

smash 21st September 2017 10:38

For me it's simply too big - let alone with the blistered arches.

The trouble is the original is petite, it's part of it's charm - the ratios work. So if you put the original styling clues on something probably 40% bigger it will just look wrong at that scale especially when it's 4:3 stretched to 16:9.

It needs to have less of the original/exact type clues to allow your head to "accept" it that scale IMHO. The renders which look great but there's nothing to give you scale and that's crucial. Bit like Beach buggies - SWB is what everyone has in head and look perfect - when you see a LWB one in real life you go "Ewwww..."

I know DNA's work is one of the best n the business and if anyone can do it it's them but I think this ones a stretch too far (literally). Have a look at 911 speedster pics - look at the rear deck height c/w doors and front wings (much lower) - imagine bringing them up to same height, blistering arches and giving it 356 styling....

Boxster has been around for 21 years now and people have been discussing the idea on the net for at least 10 according to Google - makes you wonder why it was never done before....

@Munky - interesting you already know what Brian has developed?

Lucky@LeMans 21st September 2017 11:43

With turn key cars only being available they will be selling to a different audience . Look at how popular the new Mini is. Yes, loads bigger but with retro styling.

Jaguartvr 21st September 2017 18:37

Picture of actual car under development.

very nice

molleur 21st September 2017 18:45

Nice, but HUGE

smash 21st September 2017 19:14

And long...

redratbike 21st September 2017 21:50

An original 911 early body would be a seller as well I reckon

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