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Paul L 30th August 2013 12:30

New double humps are looking very good. :cool:

slartibartfast 30th August 2013 19:51

All Looking VERY smart
Keep posting

Viatron 28th September 2013 20:17

At last today I got some time up the unit, Dave turned out to help even though he was on nights tonight and had a man sniffle, what a trooper!
My Frame was a preproduction item and us such wasn't fully welded and had a few things I wanted to modify / add. A couple of hours of chopping steel and welding saw a basic stable frame mounted on the chassis, got so carried away I forgot to take any pics but will get some next weekend.
another couple of hours of trimming etc though and this was the result....

1. Dave adding ballast to see what the rear tyre clearance was like, very happy as it needs to settle yet.

2. And from the other side, apparently Dave reckons standing in it was equiv to adding a 9 stone dead weight..............

3. A lousy pic but it does show that the whole body seems to site nice and central.

4. Slung an old spitfire seat in to work out pedal positions, + silly grin.

5. Dave looking cool....ish

All in all very happy the new frame needs finishing including door jambs but the body dropped straight on and sits level and central, much better than I had hoped. Definitely happy I went for wires.

Paul L 29th September 2013 07:14

Mac - Just goes to show all the hard work you put into the MkII version was worth it. :cool:

I look forward to seeing what the framework looks like underneath.

Finally it is nice to put a "face to the name" so to speak.

Good luck, Paul. :)

Mister Towed 29th September 2013 07:21

Yes, I have to say that body shell looks to be top quality. I like the integrated dash panel - should make the shell stiffer and less like an angry blancmange while you're trying to fit it.

Keep up the good work, not sure if I've seen a finished Cordite yet... 29th September 2013 07:25


Originally Posted by Mister Towed (Post 47032)
Yes, I have to say that body shell looks to be top quality. I like the integrated dash panel - should make the shell stiffer and less like an angry blancmange while you're trying to fit it.

Keep up the good work, not sure if I've seen a finished Cordite yet...


Yes the dash is a great idea all that rigidity and I assume you and cut and shape it into what ever takes your fancy.

Yep the finish on the Ribble and Miglia kits are something to enveny

Look forward to seeing picture of your run out today

Viatron 29th September 2013 13:29

Thanks chaps, yes the lowering of the dash and the cockpit sides was something that Andy and I discussed during the making of the buck, if you pick it up one person each side its almost impossible to put any twist in it so I think that's mission accomplished.
I will be finishing of my custom frame next week buy putting in the front and rear door shuts and adding reinforcement and belt mountings, Once that's done the frame will be painted and permanently mounted and the body glassed on, only then will I be cutting the door apertures so that everything remains rigid.

Viatron 5th October 2013 16:47

Another good day and a few decisions made.

More work welding up the basic frame reusing some of the original but also adding a few bits. Rear door jambs are now in:

Have also decided that i cant really work out any tidy and safe way to mount the plate that the standard pedals attach to that I'm happy with so have ordered one of these:

Have also decided that i will be fitting a chequer plate ali floor, to this end 3 sides of the floor perimeter will have some 19mm angle welded in and 3mm chequer dropped in and bolted to the angle.

Also made a mod to the body as i wasn't happy with the rear drivers side quarter as it showed a lot more of the tyre than the other side, at least after working on the buck fibreglass holds no fears so slit the body and reaffixed the quarter in a much better position, dropped it outside the unit next to mine where very handily the ribble shells are made so hopefully my friendly fibreglasser will have the rear glassed up for next weekend.

Next weekend i should get the front door jams in and will add some additional triangulation then it will be onto fully welding it ready for painting and fitting.

Also received a pair of second hand front uprights so have stripped and blasted / painted a replacement for the front offside which as you may or may not remember wouldn't run true so hopefully next weekend will see that fitted and the final wire wheel in place.

As i am going for a floor mounted pedal box now i have a full set of pedals that have been stripped blasted, painted and bearing, bushes and bolts replaced where necessary, they also come with a pair of new uprated master cylinders, new dust boots and the brake pedal has a new brake switch fitted, anyone want to make me an offer?

Till next weekend


Paul L 6th October 2013 07:48

Mac - Looks like your build is gaining some momentum. :cool:

Looking forward to seeing how the frame, doors, floor & pedals all work.

Particularly the pedals, as if I ever get the rear frame in place, the bulkhead is my next project.

Good luck, Paul. :)

Viatron 6th October 2013 08:39

Fitting the floor mounted pedals will mean some modification of the lower half of the drivers side front bulkhead Paul, The pedal box needs a vertical face to bolt to and mount the master cylinders but i plan to overcome this by fabricating an ali box then recessing it into the bulkhead. Doing away with the underslung pedals will also give me a cleaner look to the bulkhead which i don't mind either.

adam1979 6th October 2013 15:41

I'd be interested to see how the floor mounted pedals work out...I was thinking exactly the same for mine. I'm nowhere near that part of the build but I was wondering how it might fit around the front outrigger?

Are you having a dual master cylinder setup?

Viatron 6th October 2013 16:02

Adam, i have actually decided to put the rear floor down low but am going to floor the front half on top of the frame which will mean i effectively have a flat floor to mount it to, the difference in hight will also suit floor mounted rather than underslung.

Viatron 12th October 2013 19:16

Well a good day today the basic frame is pretty much done with door mods.
Measured and cut the front shut supports:

When I cut this one I forgot to leave the tongue at the back to tap over to close! Doh!

Checked for square and welded in the front offside one:

Then started adding some triangulation to replace the rigidity once the door section is removed, Rear Offside:

Then the rear nearside:

Then the front nearside, cut and checked for fit:

Then tacked in place:

Nearside all braced and ready for the big moment:

Removed the top rail and there was not tension in any direction as it was cut through, very very happy:

Dave did the honours with the nearside:

We then removed the frame for final welding as its so much easier to finish off welding when you can get at the joints comfortably, and yes it was at this stage we realised that in our excitement we had forgotten the offside front triangulation, hey ho!

Also got round to assembling the front offside replacement upright, you may remember that the original ran about 10mm out of true1 thank god when it all when back together this time its all good so the final wire wheel could go on.

Cant remember if ive posted about the high torque starter before, this engine has had its compression raised considerably and experience on track has taught me that a lot of high compression engines don't like starting when hot of the standard starter, I only plan to build this car once, unlike most of my other vehicles so have gone with a Brise high torque rather than take any risks.

And an engine shot just because I felt like it....:-)

Sean next door has glassed up my modification to the rear offside quarter so a bit of P40 next weekend shall see that done. This week he is going to lay 2 more layers of CSM into the side of the shell where the doors are going as I'm hoping that if thick enough and cut carefully enough I may be able to use them as door skins, I have a cunning plan involving foam and fibreglass.......

Had an apologetic call today from the company supplying my pedal box explain that painting issues have delayed it, have agreed to take it unpainted and by way of compensation they will supply the reservoirs in billet Ali and also supply some master cylinder to reservoir hoses in stainless braided. Suites me as it means I can do any mods I need on the pedal box and then either paint it myself or send it out to get powder coated in a nice shade of blue grey :-)

Good news is that my diary has freed up a bit and next week I will be in the workshop Saturday, Monday and Tuesday so am hoping to make some good progress.

Oh and lastly I have now decided on what Ali I'm going to use for the floors, and its not 5 bar tread plate, its this:

Just have to find someone who stocks it now....

Till next time
Take care

The Shadow 13th October 2013 08:20

lookin the dogs dangleys buddy.

Paul L 13th October 2013 08:23

Nice work Mac. :cool:

It is interesting to see the differences between the new style frame and the old one.

Especially the absence of the "angle iron" section in the middle of the old frame that sits on the Spitfire chassis...
( Note: This is the rear section, the bulkhead frame would have "joined" the driver & passenger sides together at the front. )

So does this mean I would be able to remove a small section of this angle iron?
I am just thinking about the the very end of the frame which does not sit on the chassis...

My original plan was going to involve hitting it with a bit hammer until it was a better fit.

Cheers, Paul. :)

Viatron 13th October 2013 08:34

To be honest i dont know what the factory frame will end up like mine, was a pre production mule and not much of its left. I was considering adding some angle but have decided instead to make a custom seperate angle pieces that will be bolted to the side of the chassis to support the floor on the insides, i wasnt happy with adding extra thickness on top of the chassis as per the Sammio version as i think it may make getting the tunnel to sit flat a real pain.

The frame still has some other bits to sort such as the steering column mount and i think the bottom of the door gap will end up with another piece of oblong box section on top of the bottom rail but turned 90 degrees to add more rigidity as i dont want a problem with the door gap flexing especially as i intend to suicide the doors.

Viatron 13th October 2013 08:40

Paul, how much effort does it take to move the misaligned piece? If its not too much i would ratchet strap it down and bolt it up, not sure how much it actually adds to the rigidity but the other option would be to just trim it back.

Paul L 14th October 2013 16:15

Mac - Rather than hijack your build thread, I've moved this debate back on to my build thread.

Cheers, Paul. :)

Viatron 17th October 2013 18:53

Finally made a decision today on heating, the pretence of building this is that it is actually a gift for Mrs V to attempt to compensate for the amount of time i spend on my other wheeled projects...notice the word pretence!
But that in mind it will need some heating, don't know about the rest of you but my experience with those possessing two X chromosomes is that they should come supplied with a vivarium and a hot rock....

So have just ordered one of these, i think its the big brother to the one Mr T fitted to his Navigator.

And a picture for those who cant be arsed to follow the link:

I have also ordered a set of these to build into the seats:

And again a piccy:

If she dares complain about being cold after this lot then it will be time for a viking burial.....

Viatron 18th October 2013 18:51

Got home tonight and my pedal box has arrived, I accepted some upgrades rather than wait for it to be powder coated, the reservoirs are very nice and begging for some engraving on the lids!

Sadly enough I actually think the slightly industrial ends on the hoses will look very period correct rather than the usual Aeroquip look

Up the workshop tomorrow so another update tomorrow night

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