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garyh 30th November 2013 12:15

me too...

Viatron 30th November 2013 17:30

Good day today got the other chassis mounted floor support installed and both rear floors in, also got the prop shaft fitted and the tunnel stripped ready for painted / bed lining.

As you can see we prepped the floors on both sides for the bed lining as its easier to do them before fixing.
More of my lovely orange rivets again! Shame they will be covered in bed liner next week :-(

The day finished on a bit of a downer as we had hoped to get the steering column in but I'm just not happy with the angle the wheel ends up at using the stock parts so am off to Des Shelley shafts again on Monday to pick up some weld on U/J's and have just ordered a 5/8" Rose Joint from Mcgill Motorsport and plan to copy the system we have on the race car which is simple but has worked well for many years. This should allow me to have the steering column exactly parallel with the centreline of the car.
Also tried the pedal box and despite hoping i wouldn't have to I'm going to have to tig up an alloy box for it to sit up against as the angle at the bottom of the firewall just wont work, not a big deal but just one more i being too fussy?........



Mister Towed 30th November 2013 19:21

No such thing as too fussy on these cars. 'Bit like the subway tag line- have it your way. :peace:

Viatron 2nd December 2013 11:06

Finished trimming the tunnel this morning and gave it a final clean off, quick coat of primer and its hanging up to dray. Just about to start prepping the floors for the bed lining so more updates later today fingers crossed.


Viatron 2nd December 2013 12:04

Right so finished scuffing all the surfaces using 80 grit flap wheel then wiped down with acetone. Have masked it up to protect everything I don't want coated, a bit of overspray on the frame wont worry me as this will all be hidden but don't want it on the engine etc!

Just about to mix and apply the first coat, fingers crossed there is no going back now!!! GULP



Mister Towed 2nd December 2013 12:21

Good luck :)

Viatron 2nd December 2013 12:30

First coat done but I'm going to keep you hanging!!!!

Mixing the Raptor Liner is as easy as adding the Hardner
Up to the swage line on the bottle

Only problem is that even with a torch I cant accurately see where this is! Luckily I have a selection of syringes for removing oil etc so cracked open a nice new fresh one.

Reading the instructions filling to the swage line is equal to 250 ML so as the syringe, handily, is a 100ML one just added 2 1/2 and then walked around for the span of a fag shacking it to death to make sure it was fully mixed, the instructions say 2 minutes but it must have been 4 or 5 I reckon.

Viatron 2nd December 2013 13:01

So here it is!
Played around on a piece of card for a minute or 2 and settled on 55psi with the volume knob on the gun set to around 50%. Best I found was spraying from approx 10", I got good coverage but also got the textured effect I have been craving!
And the result is:

Have to say im very happy with the finish, its exactly what I wanted, black shiny and textured, going to do a second coat in about 30 minutes then de mask it and leave it overnight to cure.



Viatron 2nd December 2013 14:10

Just applied the second coat, upped the pressure to 60psi this time and think I hit the sweet spot as it went on even better than the first coat, I did notice though that I used more product, 3/4 bottle first time and the whole bottle this time. I have now de masked as all the reviews I have read say that if you don't the tape will be a pain to remove when its dry and might need cutting off!
I have also given the tunnel a second coat and a good coat underneath as well.
All in all im very happy so far but will reserve my final judgment till the morning when it will be dry enough to touch, its still very wet from the second coat and the first coat wasn't quite touch dry after the required hour between coats had elapsed.

AndyP57 2nd December 2013 14:12

That's looking really good Mac. How did you get on cleaning the gun afterwards?

Viatron 2nd December 2013 14:15

No probs, just ran about a litre of gun cleaner (10 for 5 litres) through it and it seams fine.

christinedmc 2nd December 2013 17:01

Hi Mac,

It sure looks nice and the stuff seems to be very durable. All in all a very nice build so far.

I'm looking for this kind of finish for my dashpanel (which I still have to make BTW)


Paul L 2nd December 2013 17:04

Mac - Your build is really taking shape now & that bed liner stuff does look good. :cool:

Viatron 2nd December 2013 18:17

Thanks guys, im happy im making so much progress working on trimming the body tomorrow, hoping to have it in on by the weekend

Viatron 3rd December 2013 11:10

Well back in today and the bed liner has dried out nicely, its lost just a touch of its gloss but I think it actually looks better for it. It still needs a another day or so to fully cure but feels good and the texture is just what I was looking for. Was hoping to get the tunnel fitted but the spitfire handbrake that I had convinced myself I had has gone AWOL so just bought another off EBay....arse!
Just off to start trimming the body now so expect to be covered head to toe in white dust before days end, all good fun!


garyh 3rd December 2013 11:45

looks very neat, are you having mats or carpet or is it on show? How do you bond your body to the sides of the floors?

Viatron 3rd December 2013 12:02

Gary, my initial though is to leave it bare to be honest. I will be mounting my body in a different way to the standard in that it will mostly be attached using Aluminium closing panels and a couple of T panels front and back details of which I hope to have posted later this week.

Thanks for the interest


cabbage 3rd December 2013 12:39

I mounted my body using alu closing panels and supports branching from the frame, keeps it very tidy but also quite rigid. :-)

it looks really good so far :-)

garyh 3rd December 2013 13:14

Cabbage, do you have photos?

cabbage 3rd December 2013 13:24

A link to my thread is below, and you can see in a few places where the joints are made, however i could do some close ups for you if you want along with a list of where i make the supports. :-)

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