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Viatron 12th January 2013 09:06

cheers for the link, i had that bookmarked anyway, i will definatley be buying new as the splines on the wheels are pretty much perfect so dont want to spoil them by using naff adapters. will probably orer some whilst im away so they are there when i get back as im keen to get the chassis rolling on its intended wheels so that body fitting highlights any issues (not that im expecting any) rather than find out when i change from steels to wires.

Mister Towed 12th January 2013 09:27

Might be worth shopping around first - about a year ago that set was under 140.

What tyres are you planning to use? I had originally planned to use 13" wheels and would've gone for 175/80/13's with white walls to make the wheels look bigger.

This is quite a useful tool for working out the effect different tyre sizes will have on the looks, clearance and gearing -

Anyway, have fun whatever you choose. :laugh:

Viatron 12th January 2013 09:38

not got that far but something period looking, not sure about whitewalls though not my bag really.

Paul L 12th January 2013 16:19


Originally Posted by Viatron (Post 38907)
... Now I know the front end of the chassis won't need cutting to accommodate the German bonnet ill be getting the chassis off to the galvanisers on my return ...

Hi Mac,

Just want to check if you are planning to have a flip up bonnet, or use AndyP57's new approach...


Originally Posted by AndyP57 (Post 38781)
... To this end, I'm mounting the front on a set of locking pins on top, a dzus at each sill and a single screw at the front accessed through the grille. Daily access will be through a conventional bonnet but heavier jobs can be done by taking the whole front off in a matter of minutes...

As the traditional Cordite/Navigator bonnet will not fit the standard Spitfire chassis. :icon_sad:
This is a view of the inside of my bonnet which had hinges fitted as an optional extra.

Clear the front brackets are in the way and need to be removed to fit the bonnet.
Unfortunately this can't be done until after the re-body inspection.

This is was the original Cordite demonstrator frame looked like.[/QUOTE]

This has the front brackets removed and the hinge mounting brackets welded on.

Just thought I'd mention my understanding of how I think it is meant to work.
I guess if you just had to touch up the frame after cutting off the brackets it wouldn't be the end of the world.

Good luck and keep us posted, Paul. :)

Viatron 13th January 2013 12:33

Thanks I was aware of the need to remove the front bonnet towers, won't say any more but I have a cunning plan..........thanks for the heads up anyway.

Viatron 25th January 2013 04:46

Got a phone call from Bradbury engineering late last night local time saying my engine is done dusted, bench run and ready for collection, still have a week till I'm back, torn between wanting to get back and get stuck into it and wondering wether I should have jumbo prawns for dinner's the weather?

oxford1360 25th January 2013 06:46

Nice timing. Weather is due a turn for the better at the weekend. You'll be outside in shorts and T-shirt when you fit the engine. Looking forward to pics.

Mister Towed 25th January 2013 07:14

Temperatures soared to zero in Norfolk yesterday. Eastern Daily Press headline read 'Phew, what a scorcher!'

Viatron 11th February 2013 15:04

Chassis goes off fro galvanising in the mornin so thought i better remove the bonnett mounting horns, i know they are needed for the test but they will be "applied" by nefarious means just for the test then fall off again.

Good job i did it this afternoon as i found the only bit of serious rust on the whole chassis lurking behind one of them, 20 minutes wit the welder had the rot removed and a plate welded in so its all good now.

There is some pitting in places (See Below) but by the time it has been galvanised, eposy primed then epoxy top coated i reckon the surface finish should be ok

And a last shot before it gets loaded on the trailer, next time you see it it should be lovely and silver grey....

Oh just before i go heres a question, i am new to triumphs so please forgive my ignorance but i was under the impression that one of the spitfire foibles was that they had no chassis no? if thats correct then whats this?

picture is of the number with some paint blown on, i later polished it off and took some pics of the number fully legible should Mr Vosa want to see them as by the time it comes back there is no way it will be readable.

Alpha 11th February 2013 20:38

The US market Triumphs did not have chassis numbers stamped on the chassis itself, but all others did...

Baz from Brussels

Viatron 11th February 2013 20:43

Cheers for that, anyone care to decipher what the FC prefix means?

Alpha 11th February 2013 20:51

FC just denominates the type, FC being Spitfire 4 or Spitfire Mk II

Baz from Brussels

for completeness
Heralds start with G
Vitesses with HB or HC
Spit Mk 3 FD
Spit MK 4 & 1500 FH
GT6 Mk I & II KC

seanick 11th February 2013 20:56

So what did happen to the German Front mould?

Viatron 11th February 2013 20:58

Wish I knew as I'd gladly do a deal on it.

seanick 11th February 2013 21:03

Just need to find out who bought a G front and er, borrow it for a day or two. I rather liked it.

Viatron 11th February 2013 22:17

I did find an auction for the moulds on ebay and inquired of the winning bidder, turns it it was err how can I put this.... Lets just say I think maybe the seller and buyer had quite a bit in common!

Viatron 11th February 2013 22:18

If anyone out there has a German bonnet then sing out!

froggyman 12th February 2013 00:16


Originally Posted by seanick (Post 40220)
So what did happen to the German Front mould?

Maybe Miglia Mike would know.

mikmiglia 12th February 2013 06:56

Hi the mould got cut up as it was not great .We only sold two bonnets out of the 125 kits we sold.

Viatron 12th February 2013 13:10


On a lighter note delivered my chassis to the galvanisers today, total weight of a clean unmolested MKIII spitfire chassis is 40KG!!!
So light they have had to charge me the minimum of 97 inc VAT so no complaints from me on that score really. Should be ready Monday morning and is booked into the paint shop Monday evening so will be done and ready for collection Wednesday.

seanick 12th February 2013 13:27

Shame about the mould as the shape was good, even if the mould was not.

Interesting that you are going to paint the galvanised chassis. Here in the marine trade we have always had problems bonding to freshly galvanised steel, and usually allow it to weather first. We mainly use Bradite EU96 as a barrier primer to the zinc, and thats usually just for decorative coatings as galv steel will last 30+ years in the marine environment anyway.
What do you plan to coat your chassis with 9

Viatron 12th February 2013 14:00

Cant remember the brand but its an epoxy etch primer, amongst its specific properties is the ability to etch/bond well to galv, have used it in the past and it seems to stay where its put! It will also get a further coat of epoxy topcoat and a dose of waxoyl so i fully expect it to outlast judegement day :-)

Viatron 12th February 2013 14:01

and i agree its a shame about the German mould, only chance now is that one of the 2 that were sold surfaces either for sale or for laon to take a mould from.

Paul L 12th February 2013 18:27

Sounds like things are going to move ahead quite quickly on the chassis front. :cool:

Also I now understand your plan for the re-body inspection too. :icon_wink:

Good luck, Paul. :)

mikmiglia 12th February 2013 19:36

It is possible to do a beetle headlight conversion to your standard Cordite, or Sammio , Pilot or whatever the new names are. When i was working with Gary i had to cut and fit beetle headlights as a one of. Almost early Corvette style afterwards.

Viatron 12th February 2013 19:47

Any pics? Although tbh it wasn't just the lights but the grill area I liked as well

mikmiglia 12th February 2013 20:46

Sorry no pics. The bonnet mould was poorly made and then left out in the sun so went out of shape.

seanick 13th February 2013 18:42

How about a Microplas Mistral bonnet? Might need massaging in some areas but ih has similarities to the G Front.

Viatron 13th February 2013 18:50

To be honest I think it's going to be the first of the new improved bodies so to start with I'm going to go standard as I think Andy will be photographing it whilst in the workshop, once built I can always goose around with the bonnet later. Can't understand for the life of me why the German front end was so unpopular.

seanick 13th February 2013 19:04

Can't understand it either, especially as it was symmetrical! Maybe the name did not help. Maybe 'Porche Front' or Merc front would have inspired.

AndyP57 13th February 2013 20:16

Hi guys. I'm afraid the German mould was so badly warped when I went to Poole to collect the set there was only one sensible decision. It had to go. There was no way it could be retrieved, and having had absolutely no customer interest in it since the 'Lancia' style was released, I told Gary to destroy it. I think it had been stored on its edge and gravity did the rest. We will be looking at alternative bonnet shapes and it's possible that if enough people really do like that shape it may be the inspiration for one of them.

Viatron 19th February 2013 19:16

Well chassis is back from the galvanisers, a day late but a good job, it's in the booth tonight to thoroughly dry out and then will get a wire Brush over it tomorrow to remove any loos tags and then paint so should be back to me for a marathon tap and die session by Thursday.

AndyP57 19th February 2013 19:42

That is as good as it gets! Stunning foundation to your build Mac.

Mister Towed 19th February 2013 21:05

Yep, looks great. Wish I'd thought of having mine galvanised now. :(

How much was it if you don't mind me asking?

Viatron 19th February 2013 21:26

Little more than I expected but still not too bad at 180 inc vat. But it will outlast me now!

seanick 19th February 2013 21:31

I think it will outlast everyone!

Mister Towed 19th February 2013 21:36

That sounds pretty 'king cheap for a chassis that's pretty much rust proof forever.

Viatron 20th February 2013 19:19

So chassis was wire brushed all o re to remove a few loose tags and the brake line tabs were all removed as ill be using stainless rubber lined p c
Ips. Chassis then received 3 coats of epoxy etch followed by 2 coats of chassis black.

seanick 20th February 2013 19:25

Now a nice coat of silver over the top??

Viatron 20th February 2013 19:44

Now that would just be ott...........

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