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lancelot link 25th April 2017 21:20

Formosa 120 gr build
I have been asked to put one of our Formosa packages together for a customer.
I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to showcase the assembly of a Formosa on here ....

Graham Alexander bought a 2.0 Vitesse as a donor and it has been delivered to Southern Triumph Services in Bournemouth and a deal has been done to do a few changes and renovate the running gear and chassis.

The chassis has been fully repaired and outriggers boxed for strength etc.

The suspension towers have been reversed and the engine moved backwards approx. 8''
An aftermarket manifold has been fitted also.
Mark at STS is now prepping everything for paint (black) and then re-assembling it before it is delivered to me .
I will then be doing the little mods required to the bulkhead , fitting the extra riggers ( bolt on ) and starting to fit a kit ...

pictures of the fully welded chassis and a pattern engine in place whilst Grahams 6 cylinder is checked over and re-assembled ...

Mister Towed 26th April 2017 06:59

Looks like an exceptionally good start, can't wait to see it progress.

lancelot link 6th May 2017 10:06

Not much to report as the chassis is still over at Southern Triumph Services being prepped ..I think its painted now and undergoing re-assembly ...

I tidied up the bulkhead whilst we are waiting , repaired the missing body mounts and floor sections underneath and painted the front face satin black ...the floorpans will need a small mod or two to go back on , so no work done on those until they are re-united with the chassis ...

lancelot link 10th May 2017 19:04

THE CHASSIS IS COMING BACK TOMORROW LATE MORNING ...Here's a couple of pictures that Mark at STS took today ...I will take some more when its back ...

lancelot link 12th May 2017 19:05

Chassis has been with me for a couple of days now ...I went to STS to get the missing engine parts and collect the rest of the exhaust plenty to get on with now !!

I trial fitted the frame and my development body yesterday to make sure it all fitted ....I had to adjust the floorpans slightly as Mark made them such a snug fit , the slight differences across chassis meant that they were a bit too snug ...I had to nibble the rear corner of the passenger one to allow room for fuel and brake pipes to clear ....The development chassis was not plumbed ..
I needed to move a central tube to clear the overdrive unit too inch back from where it was ...

So all new frames will be built taken these factors into account ...

Today , I started to make the new outriggers that support the bulkhead in its new position ..these are not drilled yet but will be a bolt in rigger that you will need to drill two holes either side to fit ( Bolt in keeps us IVA exempt - should builders choose to weld them in at a later date , that's up to them , but bolted will be strong enough )

These two riggers will be supplied as standard with the full kit package , but obviously can be bought separately if required...

Paul L 12th May 2017 21:21

Gary - The rolling chassis looks like a first rate starting point for this build. :cool:

The fact that you are able to fine tune the set up at such an early stage of production can only be a good thing in the long run.

It certainly looks like the body shell is a lovely snug fit straight out of the box.

Which, as I've said all along, is the real key to a successful build.

Good luck, Paul. :)

molleur 12th May 2017 21:52

Very nicely done!

Alex 14th May 2017 16:30

Hi everyone, my name is Graham Alexander (Alex) and this is my first post,I have wanted to do a car build project pretty much all my life but sadly following a very serious illness some years ago which has left me with limited mobility and other issues I am never going to be in a position to build a car myself.I have always been into cars and my first car was a mini then an Escort mk1 1300E a 1600 John Player Special Capri then a 3.0l S Capri (wish I had kept all those) since I was ill I have bought a year 2000 Jaguar XK8 Convertible in Carnival Red which is my summer / weekend car but I wanted to get something else as well so whilst looking for a classic car circa 1940`s / 1950`s which had to be a 2 seater sports I came accross the Sammio Spyder so got in touch with Gary (Lancelot Link) in January to look into the possibilities of Gary building one for me, as luck would have it Gary said he was developing a new model this year the Formosa GR120 so it was agreed that we would go for one knowing full well that this would be a development and a learning experience for both Gary and I . As you will see from Garys first post on this thread I sourced a doner Vitesse, the chassis is now fully refurbished along with the engine.New brakes / clutch / suspension etc etc have now been fitted by Mark at Southern Triumph Services to which I owe him much gratitude, Gary is now working on the body shell and internal framework so exciting times for both Gary and I ahead.
It has been really good being involved in the development of the Formosa and again huge thanks to Gary for all his work and effort. As soon as I saw his design I knew it was for me and didn`t hesitate ordering one from him plus having build no 1 really appealed to me.I have decided to go for the Ferrari Monza 850 look which I hope will look stunning when completed, it is not going to be a like for like replica but something close. I have really enjoyed sourcing all the parts required and really hope that I have chosen well on all the details ie seats / lights /mirrors / dash switches /bonnet and boot catches the list goes on and on.Gary has been a great help with his knowledge and what would suit the build best, I have chrome air filters / rocker cover and radiator even a chrome horn and chromed hand brake. The wheels were from a Morgan which I had chrome plated at Tudor Wheels in Southampton ( Highly recommended at 60.00 a wheel) they also sourced and fitted the tyres and inner tubes.I am so looking forward to the next few weeks when things will really start to take shape, Cheers Alex :icon_biggrin:

molleur 14th May 2017 17:40

Welcome Alex, sounds exciting!

Paul L 14th May 2017 20:48

Alex - Welcome to the forum Graham. :cool:


Originally Posted by Alex (Post 87994)
...I have decided to go for the Ferrari Monza 850 look which I hope will look stunning when completed, it is not going to be a like for like replica but something close...

Sounds like a plan. :D

I wouldn't get too hung up about creating a 1:1 replica, as the car will still turn heads.

By the sounds of it you are going to have some nice detail touches and you'd be surprised how well they go down.
( E.g. I get a lot of positive comments about my leather bonnet straps. )

Good luck with the build, I'm sure you will end up with a great car.

Cheers, Paul. :)

lancelot link 17th May 2017 15:04

Managed to get a few more bits painted and back on the engine ...

Graham might be going with twin pancake filters yet ...and we are having a chrome rocker cover , I think ...

When the car came back from STS , it had a new twin pipe exhaust system with it ...STS had fitted the manifold , but due to engine setback and shorter body at the rear , they didn't fit the rest of it ...

I shortened the centre section about 20'' and made a tweak at the rear ... a piece of tube was fitted with bolt on ends and two exhaust hangers to support the twin silencers at the rear under the spare wheel cradle ..

Not the clearest of pictures , as the silencer tips still have their protection on them ..but it gives you an idea of how the two pipes will sit in relation to the rear of the body ...

lancelot link 19th May 2017 18:41

Made a start on fitting up the flip front ...I was hoping to use the car to develop the front framework for the kits ..but STS put a straight tube on instead of the cranked one and , as it wasn't a restoration , didn't worry too much about location , hence its about half an inch too far back than a standard one ..
The principal will be the same but I will need to do the standardized ones on a stock chassis ...

Anyway ... here's the framework in place ..fully bolt on , bolts through the chassis rails at the bottom and clamps to the tube using modified benelli clamps ..

The bonnet mounted hinge plates need bracing and tying together , but I will do that when it goes on the new body .. pivot pin is a 10mm bolt with some nylon washers between the metal plates to reduce friction ..

Paul L 20th May 2017 06:16

Gary - It is all the little touches, like the tail pipe brackets, that will really help people building this kit. :cool:

Good luck, Paul. )

WorldClassAccident 23rd May 2017 14:00

Will it be ready for the Tribute Owners Club BBQ?

lancelot link 23rd May 2017 17:42

READY TO GO ?.. no ...

Ready to attend ....yes , on a trailer an ongoing build ..

WorldClassAccident 23rd May 2017 22:55

Perfect. Your place is reserved. All welcome to come and gawp

lancelot link 24th May 2017 18:29

I have done a bit more this week ...... Managed to get the radiator and twin fans fitted as well as most of the plumbing ...still waiting for the remote inline filler cap to arrive and will need to make the bracketry for that , but have made a spaceframe style inner wing section to mount the radiator and tie the front together a bit better ......I will need to add a few bits as I go , but it's pretty much done .....

new fuel pump and fuel lines have been run too ...

Inner wing tubework mounts to the bumper tube , front inner wing mount on the suspension turret , the original bulkhead mount and throught the bulkhead ...

I also got a chance to make a handbrake bracket ...original Triumph handbrake cables and bracketry have been used ...I made a new pivot bracket to mount the horseshoe bit ...the original caged nut is fitted to the floor of the original body , so no longer relevant ... Graham has opted to use a Morris Minor / early Mini style handbrake as recommended by my good self ...I've used them lots of times before and they have an early look and their simplicity keeps things , well , simple !! Its been mounted with a slight bias to the passenger side to avoid clashing with the gearstick travel ...I put a seat in , sat in it , both sides and its easily reached and doesn't interfere with pass. legroom happy days ...

I started to map out the steering , Grahams choice of exhaust has complicated things slightly , but its get aroundable .....I know what to do ..hopefully ..just need to do it !!

Alex 24th May 2017 20:04

Looking really good Gary, great progress and really taking shape, I am very pleased with everything that you have achieved. Looking forward to each stage of the build and hopefully when complete its going to be a real head turner

Cheers Graham

Jaguartvr 25th May 2017 17:32

Good opportunity whilst you have such good access to swap the dynamo for a more modern alternator.

lancelot link 25th May 2017 18:43


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 88299)
Good opportunity whilst you have such good access to swap the dynamo for a more modern alternator.

If Graham wants one ..he can have one , personally , being a traditionalist and the fact the car is going to fairly minimal electric-wise would stay with a dynamo ....but if he wants one , he can have one ...

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