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Paul L 25th July 2019 19:39

OK, who did it?
Yesterday, there was a text book phishing scam thread on here from a 'Russian Lady'. :rolleyes:

I reported the post and JG removed the thread. :cool:

However, I've seen more Porn threads here today than in the previous 7 years put together. :icon_sad:

Now, if I was a betting man, my guess would be that someone clicked on the link in that thread.

So is there anything anyone would like to share with the group?

Mister Towed 26th July 2019 16:17

No, not me, I was busy reading through my well-thumbed copies of 'Popular Mechanics'.

One of them even had a full centre spread of some chrome vanadium AF Crow's Foot spanners. Phwoar!

redratbike 26th July 2019 19:06

Yeah I reported one of the porn posts

You can only report one post/thread every 10 minutes !!

So gave up after the first one

JG 27th July 2019 09:14

I've had to suspend registrations for the time being, which has stopped the barrage.

redratbike 28th July 2019 12:33

Good news

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