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Lucky@LeMans 18th November 2019 16:13

Madabout Kitcars Front Page
I recently pointed out this site and forum to a work colleague. The following day he got back to me to ask why the site is so out of date with no news that is current. Asking what he meant, he said " well, the most recent story on the main home page is 4 years old !"

Having been a regular on here I always go straight to the forum, top right of the screen and don't give it a second thought.

But he is right, all the home page stories are years out of date, so what's the deal ???????????

JG 18th November 2019 16:53

I gave up on it to be honest. Manufacturers and companies associated to the industry were not forthcoming with information about their products and upcoming events and launches, so I thought sod it, if they can't be bothered to promote their own products on a site that gets thousands of visitors a day then neither can I. I have been meaning to change the homepage content but just haven't got round to it. Looks bad I know:fear:

Lucky@LeMans 18th November 2019 21:05

I'm sure some of the forum regulars would be happy to contribute. They might not be mainstream manufacturers ( are there any left these days ? ) but it would help promote the site and some of the niche products out there.

SwiftyDS 19th November 2019 07:17

I’d be happy to help post news/updates on there.

How about a section that also shows ‘latest forum posts” so it’s also easier to see where the updates are across the individual categories?

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