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Hughandjen 24th April 2020 07:55

How much paint
Hi guys
Iím going to have a go at painting my tribute 250 myself with cellulose yellow paint. My question is how much top coat should I buy, 1,2 or more litres. I will be diluting it 1:1 with thinners

Mitchelkitman 24th April 2020 08:51

Having painted a similar size car with brush, I can say I only used 1Ltr. painting with a brush also uses more than using a spray, as the spray puts it on thinner. I've said before (elsewhere), that I'm staggered when pros say to customers "that paint is £80 a litre, and I used 5 ltrs" or "I put on 19 coats" and other similar statements - I can only think they are making it up to inflate the price. Interestingly (on the other forum) nobody came forward to justify the huge usage!
Primer usage will give an indication on how much you need.
I should think you'll get away with 1 litre, will certainly be ok with 2 (and will have some spare for future). Make sure all paint is from the same batch.

Paul L 24th April 2020 10:11

Have you read this MX250 build with a DIY yellow paint job?
(Page down a bit to get to the start of the painting.)

I seem to remember there were some comments on the fact you might need more paint if you are using yellow.

Whatever you do, definitely buy a lot more paint that you think you will ever need to ensure, as Mitchelkitman says, it is all from the same batch.

I ran short of BRG and the small tin of top up paint was a different shade.

So I had to buy another large batch of paint to ensure the top coat was all the same colour. :frusty:

Good luck, Paul. :)

Mister Towed 24th April 2020 11:08

I've sprayed a car as an amateur three times now, and I bought five litres and used most of it each time, leaving around 1/2 litre for touch ups.

I've found Jawel paint to work very well and it's not expensive, especially if it's as part of one of their kits -

Their advice was to use etch primer on a fibreglass shell then their high-build primer to prevent flaking at a later date.

They do pretty much the whole range of colours and have changed an ebay kit to an unlisted colour for me with no extra charge.

Good luck!

Lucky@LeMans 24th April 2020 14:15

I painted a Robin Hood 7 many years ago in cellulose. Can't remember how much I used but that was yellow and it did take several coats. Yellow isn't the easiest colour to spray, maybe use white primmer rather than grey as I did !

Hughandjen 28th April 2020 12:53

Thanks for all the replies. Gone for 5L of paint

Mitchelkitman 28th April 2020 16:00

Good choice - At worst you'll just have spent a bit extra but have some spare paint. That's a lot better than finding you don't have enough!

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