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Vitinho 3rd February 2014 12:07

Steering rack
Hi all,

I installed on my build a steering rack from a Rover 114 that have 3,something lock to lock. Beside the wrong choice in measurements (had to weld a few bits and pieces to have it installed) does any one know of a good steering rack and pinion to be fitted that have less than 2 turns lock to lock (1.5 would be great)?


eaa53 17th February 2014 19:03

Steering Rack
There is an extensive thread on steering racks, you will need to search.

I think the metro rack is the one used but the 200 steering column has a different sized spline on it so you need to make a transition piece to connect it or use the Metro column.

In addition to get the lock you may need to pull the gaiters back at each side and remove the nylon stop.

1.5 turns lock to lock is a bit 'quick' and may be almost un-drivable.


Brandon 28th February 2014 06:32

mg tf

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