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JG 21st April 2006 10:38

GTM Libra/Spyder and 7 build areas
Would anyone like to see a GTM Libra/Spyder build area on the forum? I know these models are well served elsewhere but thought a free to use alternative might be useful.

Also think we need a 7 style representation in the forum. Anyone got any preferences to which models? Doesn't have to be just 1 can be as many as needed.

If you are currently building a car (any kit car) that you would like to see represented in the build area and are willing to 'rally the troops' to contribute then please reply to this thread.

Cheers, John

Ferg 21st April 2006 18:37

I'm quite happy to answer questions about the Libra build, John. But I'd definately recommend joining a certain internet based club........

JG 21st April 2006 22:16

Cheers Ferg much appreciated. No worries about mentioning TeamGTM, we're all in it together for the common good and all that...


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