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Brandon 7th August 2013 18:38

Rear wheel bearing
Hi does any one no the part no or which wheel bearings are used on the new rear suspension set up Thanks

limpabit 8th August 2013 05:46

Not sure, but the original bearings were Rover 200 "front" bearings.

Might be worth a phone call to Marlin. Or get a set of bearings from car accessory shop to compare. Take back if wrong.

The 5EXI for some reason, seems to go through rear bearings. I know of me and another that have needed to change from when first on the road.

jacksongreen 9th August 2013 21:34

I believe I have whats referred to as the new suspension setup [took delivery of the chassis last year] and it is definately still the Rover 25/200 front bearing. part number is RFM000060SLP but can be had a lot cheaper aftermarket.

MadDogMoggy 11th August 2013 17:48

I have the receipt for my Rover hub bearing kits. The kits have part number GHK1933. They are not handed (ie the same kit does near side or off side). They were originally bought from the local Rover dealer.

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