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smash 8th November 2015 19:51

Haven't been on here for a while as starting to look seriously for donor now prices are dropping to sensible levels for winter but had to log in for this to say, wow that is looking absolutely incredible - just so right. Fantastic work. (and love the use of Farina F rather than the 'other' F)

Car photographer 8th November 2015 21:59

It's looking amazing!!

Egdik 12th November 2015 18:36

I love the artist's palette about these photos, which show Chris's creative abilities.

Could it be the angle of the camera that makes the haunches more Lopez than Loren ?

Kit 275GTB 13th November 2015 08:40

Tribute to skills
That is amazing! How do they do it? It is fascinating to see that highly characteristic shape emerging from something (two somethings?) rather different. They are having to face the same compromises as I am to fit a fairly authentic 275 shape on to a modern chassis which has a very different layout but I have a different starting point which changes the skills required from being an artist to a mere cut and shut mechanic.
If anyone doubted it before, this illustrates the work that Scaglietti and the F racing department did to transform the 250 into the 275 shape.

zagmad 21st November 2015 18:23

Looking at the back end it has hints of db 6 .

Kit 275GTB 22nd November 2015 09:57

I disagree. I don't know where they got their moulds from, but having started from genuine 275GTB moulds myself (see the first page of my 275/Z3 thread) I think the tail looks pretty good.

Kit 275GTB 22nd November 2015 10:00

275GTB tail
Sorry, that should have been page 4.

Roadster 24th December 2015 10:07

Its that time of year so I have a vid for inspiration

I have followed this build seeing the car in the flesh numerous times at different stages.
It looks fantastic and will look the part on the road.

Mister Towed 24th December 2015 11:35

Nice. :)

Egdik 28th December 2015 21:06

1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 3066

Ending the year at Snetterton: Family friendly day out, also had a session the the wife's Lexus Rx400 - great fun. Z3 photo by son Anthony.

The rear window and boot with lights do have a hint of DB6, but the wings are quite different.

Nice video.

Also watched Alain de Cadenet about Ferraris in the 'victory by design' DvD, his choice was a GTB.

Looking forward to progress in 2016

Happy New Year to Chris & Dan

Tribute Automotive 1st January 2016 19:32

Your wheels and spinners look good in action Kidge.

More filling and sanding on the 275 buck when we are back in the workshop on 4th.

A Happy New Year to you and your family.

Roadster 13th January 2016 17:47

Happy new year Kidge
I've seen the 275 and she's a beauty.

I found this on youtube - lots of details you could add and I thought the vid would get you excited for your finished car

Kit 275GTB 14th January 2016 09:17

Detailed review of the 275GTB/4
Thanks for that ref but I think a better one is
If you want accurate details and a review by an owner rather than a sales pitch by Bonhams.
One detail I did not know is that they had to change the Vee angle of the engine from 60 degrees to 54 on the 4 cam in order to get it under the bonnet. I thought the slight bulge was enough.
A classic error that the owner repeated, however, was that the 275 was designed by PininFarina. Yes the 250 was designed by him (he was a great friend of Enzo Ferrari) but it it was the racing department under Scaglietti across the road at Modena who made all the changes to the 250 design to reduce drag and high speed lift. Sadly, by the time the car was ready, the rear engined opposition was the new kid on the block and the 275 did not gain the racing success and aura of it's 250 predecessor.

Roadster 14th January 2016 09:38

I agree Kit I just thought the competition body looks more like Chris's design.

They do look the part on the track

Egdik 18th January 2016 00:53

Thanks for the video links and comments.

Here is another Ferrari one, from the 2014 Annual 23rd Cavalino Classic Concorso D'Eleganza Classiche:

It is in a sort of chronological order and The GTBs start at about 12.20mins. Music; no commentary.

Triumph Special 23rd January 2016 18:41

Any more recent developments or photos of this one?! Looking forward to seeing it.

Egdik 23rd January 2016 19:46

Tribute are finishing the buck surface and we will have something to see Feb c.2nd

Tribute Automotive 30th January 2016 10:20


Originally Posted by Egdik (Post 74462)
Tribute are finishing the buck surface and we will have something to see Feb c.2nd

Not finished yet, but here's some in progress pics:

Headlight buckets will be moulded separately after the main body is finished

The roof area above the door frames still needing more work

Guide coat back off again

Back to black

AcC8braman 30th January 2016 10:38

God, I want this so badly :)

hurnleft 30th January 2016 10:46

Very nice.

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