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Lucky@LeMans 1st June 2016 23:41


Originally Posted by Tribute Automotive (Post 79098)
I would like Kidge to finish his 275 in his own time before someone else finishes one. I don't want the same thing that happen to Geoff and his SWB to happen again. Plus in business terms it is more cost effective/profitable to produce convertible kits due to the extra labour and materials vs sale price of the hardtop kits.

Any ideas when we might be able to place orders for a convertible kit ?

WorldClassAccident 3rd June 2016 13:05

Interesting to note that the inside profile of the bumpers didn't follow the profile of the bodywork. Maybe we are working to hard to make ours fit.

I guess when people look at replicas they look at faults and differences, when they look at originals they character and differences

Lucky@LeMans 3rd June 2016 20:51

I think you are right and unless you had pointed it out I wouldn't have noticed.

There are other details which could be replicated to make your car stand out from the average such as the Frenched in indicators and bonnet badge. Quite an easy mod before paint but adds a lot to the final product.

WorldClassAccident 4th June 2016 10:40

My Z300s has frenched in rear lights and it looks great on the big curved rear end

Egdik 17th June 2016 13:03

Friday 17th June at 11.04am I saw THREE 275GTBs driving along the B4009 west from Streatley.

They were in a small group of 6 Ferarris; one in Azzuro / silver blue; one in Rosso red and one yellow . . .

Never seen more than one at a time before, so makes my week.

NZ Steve 19th June 2016 22:30

Still no answer about the date for the release of the convertable:gossip:

Lucky@LeMans 19th June 2016 22:41

Tribute and Nubodi have gone very quiet on here. They were keeping us updated at least once a week. Some of the other regulars seemed to have gone too which is a shame.
When I sign onto this thread there are often 50+ visitors but maybe only 4 or 5 forum members on at any one time. This site still attracts lots of people so it should be worth the while of anyone posting.

Roadster 19th June 2016 23:20

I was down there a few weeks ago
The 275 still had some revisions to be made - all in the details.

Chris and Dan were busy making kits. They have numerous builds and developments on the go.

You have to remember, Tribute is a small company.
Development of new models costs money.
Selling kits generates money.
They have to balance the two.

oxford1360 20th June 2016 08:50

You are unlikely to hear anything from Nubodi since the pram/toy ejection episode.

Jaguartvr 21st July 2016 12:21

Come on Chris, must be time time for an update and pictures by now.

mazdarazmataz 21st July 2016 14:39


Tribute Automotive 21st July 2016 18:59

A little more prep and then moulding will start shortly.

Jaguartvr 21st July 2016 19:53

Excellent news, it looked pretty much ready for moulding ages ago. I do hope you haven't been wasting time on the rust bucket Escort!!!:eusa_whistle::boink:

Tribute Automotive 21st July 2016 20:02


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 81256)
Excellent news, it looked pretty much ready for moulding ages ago. I do hope you haven't been wasting time on the rust bucket Escort!!!:eusa_whistle::boink:

If only I had time to waste....

Lucky@LeMans 25th July 2016 22:46


Originally Posted by Tribute Automotive (Post 81252)
A little more prep and then moulding will start shortly.

Are you going to offer GRP bumpers as an option . The "real" ones look fab but cost more than the donor Z3 !

Egdik 4th August 2016 11:40

1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 3818

This is laser cut from 4mm thick stainless, about 8" long. The cut is a bit rough and will need tidying & polishing, but looks good.

mazdarazmataz 4th August 2016 16:49

Ooo how much do those cost?

Ollie 15th August 2016 08:40

Hey everyone, just bumping this thread...
Check out Jay Leno's Garage this week.....Ferrari 275 GTB4.....
You're welcome....

275NART 15th August 2016 16:10

Thanks for the head's up. Here's the link

Tribute Automotive 18th August 2016 20:23

Moulds completed for rear body section

First panels from new mould

The 275 project will be passing into Dan's hands for production , sales and marketing, under his "OLD No.7" company name. More info to follow soon, along with a new forum section too.....

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