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molleur 22nd October 2018 21:38


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 97243)
I did consider something similar but wasn't sure how it would stand up to axle stands, trolly jacks and welding. So I stuck to the tried and tested thin smear of engine oil all over with some tastefully placed piles of tools, wheels and tyres for a pleasing effect.
Finish off with a scattering of pea gravel from the drive to toughen up the old kneecaps when kneeling.

Ditto, but add some extra body panels just for fun moving around.

Lucky@LeMans 22nd October 2018 23:18

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Next time I move house I want one these ……..

Egdik 7th March 2019 01:20

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Sunday 24th February was a great day out on track at Snetterton.

Very friendly, easy going day, sessions for two groups in the morning and open pitlane most of the afternoon. Never seemed to get crowded. Some serious cars - a few Astons incl a DB9 and a DBR1 - Ferrari 360 - plus Fiestas and MX5s.

Instructors 'ARDS' included and photos on offer. Here's a couple of the GTB, courtesy Browns Photography.

Attachment 5935

Attachment 5934

Mister Towed 7th March 2019 07:04

Wow, that looks so good.

Paul L 7th March 2019 07:16

Nice. :cool:

DaveP 7th March 2019 07:36

That is a bl**dy good looking car. Good pics too.

The grill needs a bit of a dusting though ? :)


Barber 7th March 2019 07:37

It is always good to see more pics of the car.

DaveP 7th March 2019 19:06


Originally Posted by Barber (Post 99515)
It is always good to see more pics of the car.

So good that I have come back for another look :)

Welshkiwi 13th March 2019 03:34

Very nice pictures Kidge, certainly the one to aspire to be like!
Great to see it out there being used and day for me.....
You certainly are providing plenty of motivation to keep on going! Enjoy yours at every opportunity.

Mitchelkitman 13th March 2019 09:35

Surely moulds were taken for all panels by Tribute/Old No7? When can we all buy one?

redratbike 13th March 2019 12:08


Originally Posted by Mitchelkitman (Post 99605)
Surely moulds were taken for all panels by Tribute/Old No7? When can we all buy one?

Have you seen welshkiwi’s thread?

Lucky@LeMans 13th March 2019 13:32


Originally Posted by Mitchelkitman (Post 99605)
Surely moulds were taken for all panels by Tribute/Old No7? When can we all buy one?

The moulds are with Dan at Old No7 / Tribute. You will have to contact them directly as there is nothing on their website.

Egdik 20th May 2019 17:41

a little technical note
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A bit of technical first, with thanks to Andy. The photo below shows a bonnet strut prop, made from 15mm od aluminium tube. Cut a length out of one side and add a strip of bicycle inner tube to prevent scratching the piston. This fits over the strut piston to help support the bonnet, even though some stronger struts have been fitted.

Attachment 6110

The M54 bmw engines [ours is a 3 litre auto] have acquired a reputation for burning oil because of the design of the oil rings. On our trip to Spain the engine consumed a litre in about 2000 miles. Earlier this year, when an oil change was due we added a litre of Liqui Moly ‘Flushing oil’ to clean out most of the detritus and sludge. We refilled with the same spec oil as before: 5 – 30W synthetic, along with 1 litre of Viscoplus Liqui Moly additive. We have just covered 3000 miles to Italy and back, using only 700cc of oil. 25 – 31mpg

Attachment 6111

These were purchased through ebay:

Autoroute laybys are very varied, but we found a great pair on the A26 east of Laon with flowers and picnic tables away from the road: Aire de la Croisette eastbound and Aire les Pelerins westbound:

Attachment 6112

Egdik 20th May 2019 17:52

Italy trip
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On the way down to Italy, we stopped in the Hotel de la Terrasse Villersexel, followed by the Albergo della Torre [private off road parking] in Trescore Balneario, east of Bergamo [both recommended].

Having exited the Gotthard tunnel we picnicked above junction 42 – thanks to research on google satellite:

Attachment 6113

Our trip was centred in Poggio di Cantagallina, near Chiusi / Lake Trasimeno in the Tuscany : Umbria : Lazio region - in this 1st floor apartment and village:

Attachment 6114

Attachment 6115

Enjoying the scenery and roads above Cetona [good coffee stop] with a view of Lake Trasimeno:

Attachment 6116

We visited Pienza – early town planning and a cathedral slipping down the hillside; Montepulciano, Orvietto – impressive cathedral, with delicious murals by Fra Angelica / Signorelli; Castiglione del Lago and Tarquinia – Etruscan Tombs and these stupendous terracotta Winged-Horses, from the 4th century:

Attachment 6117

The car performed as a GT should, covering 1100 miles in two days on the way home. The Italians enthused about it and Carol was again comfortable driving it, but we might look for a more relaxed countryside bimble in France next year.

Off on the Brighton Run : Sunday June 2nd.

redratbike 20th May 2019 19:58

Great pics
Looked like a good trip
Mkeep meaning to head that way on the motorbike

Egdik 23rd May 2019 14:00

Europe costs
Of possible interest to european travellers is the cost of the Mont Blanc Tunnel as well as The Frejus / Modane Tunnel is about E46 / 40GBP each way

A Swiss motorway pass / vignette costs 40SF / 32GBP and the Gotthardo Tunnel is then free.

Welshkiwi 24th May 2019 04:21

Great pictures Kidge and very jealous of what you have been able to concept, achieve and enjoy.

Love the car in the ☀️!

casamolino 24th May 2019 11:32

Car looks perfect with the Italian backdrop , Geoff .

Barber 24th May 2019 17:33


Originally Posted by Egdik (Post 100499)

.... and these stupendous terracotta Winged-Horses, from the 4th century:

Attachment 6117

The car performed as a GT should, covering 1100 miles in two days on the way home. The Italians enthused about it and Carol was again comfortable driving it, but we might look for a more relaxed countryside bimble in France next year.

Off on the Brighton Run : Sunday June 2nd.

Deux Chevaux ... if the car had looked as stylish as those, I might have kept it. :icon_lol:

Egdik 6th June 2019 16:15

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Sunday June 2nd

Joined the Kit & Classic Car Run from Greenwich Park, London to Madeira Drive on the Brighton sea front.

About 500 cars take part in this annual outing. There were a couple of other Tributes entered.

As you can see we got into 'Period Costume' - a sort of 1960s style as I stitched some floral fabric into the outside trouser seams . . . plus a couple of bright shirts.

The route takes you down smaller roads, with a stop off point or two. The Gardens at Penshurst Place are very impressive, with a good coffee and bun.

At Brighton the Kit cars were lined up by the fencing, so there is little chance to interact with the public. After an hour or so we went off for lunch.

If I have another project it will be putting a bmw motorcycle engine in a 2CV, plus a few other bits . . .

Attachment 6147

Egdik 9th June 2019 20:44

Kits & Classics on the 'Crick' High Wycombe
2 Attachment(s)
Just spent today at a show called Classics & Kits 'on the Crick' at Naphill near High Wycombe. It might be called this because it is a couple of football pitches which are not dead smooth . . .

Entries of all sorts of cars & Motorcycles are accepted and cover about 75% of the area; plus a music / announcement stage and catering on the other 25%.

Warm and sunny for the most part with about 350 vehicles. Very well organised, friendly, easy going and not crowded. Visitors were notable for being careful and fellow entrants were chatty and pleased to talk about their cars.

We were there from 10.30am to 3.30pm, took a picnic and met up with some friends. A good day out, culminating with a visit to the stage for a Bronze award in the Custom & Kit Car category - hopefully there were more than 3 entrants.

Attachment 6159Attachment 6160

Welshkiwi 11th June 2019 06:58

Awesome work Kidge, and the trousers ain’t bad either! Congrats on the Bronze and the activity with the car....Great to see.

Paul L 11th June 2019 09:41

Congratulations on the prize. :cool:

And as for the Brighton run photo...

:hippie: It all looks groovy man! :hippie:

Egdik 19th August 2019 22:56

Owners Club Meeting
1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 6296

Owners Meeting

Saturday September 7th

Lunch at The Pelican Inn

Froxfield, on the A4 between Hungerford & Marlborough

We are welcome and booked from 11am with lunch at around 12.30pm

There are two spacious car parks, where we can have a drink and talk Tribute Cars.

Afterwards you / we can drive round a bit of Hampshire to the

Silk Mill at Whitchurch

for tea, overlooking the river Test, last orders 3.30pm.

If you are interested the Pelican Inn also has a room or two overnight on the Friday and or Saturday. We are staying there Friday night.

Please let me know if you will attend or at least think about it.

Egdik 19th August 2019 23:10

Reply on this site OR the Owners site OR PM me OR email me please

Egdik 28th August 2019 19:32

Total Kit Car magazine

Good to see a four page spread on the car in Total Kit Car / TKC September / October issue - most of it is old news to readers of this thread.

Fine publicity for Tribute . . . especially now that they are making 275GTB panels for kit builders.

Of course the car will be on show lunchtime on Sept 7th at the Pelican Inn west of Hungerford, plus tea at the Whitchurch Silk Mill.

Egdik 9th September 2019 18:44

The GTB uses 15" wheels and for some time now we have used Vredestein Sprint Classics 215/70 15 on the rear wheels [and Conti Premium Contacts on the front 205/60 15].

The Vredesteins have been fault free and no worry, with quite good enough grip in all conditions and have lasted for almost 18,000 miles. At about 200GBP EACH they are expensive, but the tread pattern looks fine and they fill the arch well to give a 'period' style. I admit to having little idea as to the top speed of my car, but within reason they are stable as well as comfortable . . .

We have just fitted a second pair to the rear wheels, but the front tyres have plenty of tread left, after 12,000 miles

Egdik 9th October 2019 13:56

Holiday in France
2 Attachment(s)
Found 9 days for a french trip. Eurotunnel [good on the way out but silly delays on the return]

Stopped overnight beside the river Loir in the Auberge du Port des Roches at Luche Pringe, far side of Le Mans - about 300miles from Calais. Then motored down to the Vezere and Dordogne valleys for a week. Stayed near Montignac & Lascaux. As usual the car was great but used a bit of oil around the smaller roads but hardly any on the autoroute. The french are doling out tickets for very little over the limit . . . 118km in a 110 limit

Visited the replica Lascaux caves and paintings and learnt quite a bit about ancient / pre - history. Here's a painting and one of the Beynac Chateau, on the Dordogne. Both places worth a visit.

Attachment 6447

Attachment 6448

Egdik 22nd December 2019 15:42

Headlight cover rims
In response to a PM:

The headlight cover rims were cut out of a 3mm sheet of brass then drilled, countersunk and later chromed.

I used slightly curved top stainless screws of a coarse thread - through to some captive bent metal nuts. A second attempt with the next size up was an improvement but not yet perfect. Too much force on the screws can crack the TVR covers

Sealing these rims and covers is very difficult. My local TVR garage use a black silicone sealant, but the gaps around my rims and covers still allow water ingress. Tried using a neoprene gasket but this made it too thick for the screws in use.

Happy Christmas,


Jaguartvr 22nd December 2019 15:46

I damaged my TVR Griffith a good few years ago and it took the TVR specialist about 4 goes before the headlight was sealed properly. Before they cured the problem it would condensate.

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