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Countach1 1st January 2019 16:23

New Countach owner
Hey everyone picking up my first replica next week a Lambo countach , always wanted one had a friend who owned one and itís just cool as hell . But anyway any tips what to look for or do on the car ? Upgrades ? Also any websites or eBay places to pick up stuff like seat belt covers , or car mats w Lamborghini on it ? Any help would be appreciated !

davecymru 1st January 2019 17:10

Welcome to the forum!

It will all depend on what make of Countach replica you have and what the original builider did when they were putting it together.

I had a MasterCo Countach and there were loads of little jobs to do on both the interior and mechanically in order to give me the car i wanted.

Best thing to do is get it home, post loads of pics for us to see :) and then start deciding what bits you want to tweak.

Ebay is a great source for some parts and there are lots of alternatives to OEM that can be bought dirt cheap if they're not already fitted. i.e. the ashtray is often left out, but an old Jag XJS one is almost exactly the same as the Lambo one and is hugely cheaper! :)

Or if you want original then have a look over on and i wish you and your credit card the best of luck! :)

Countach1 1st January 2019 17:30

THanks Dave I believe it’s a 5000 thought there were only one type of countach replicas lol but general
Stuff maybe pedals car mats, I also like the gate shifter setup . I have a few pics I’ll put them up maybe you guys can help me
Determin What type it maybe ? Thanks again !

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