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Paul L 25th March 2015 18:00


Originally Posted by Scottie22 (Post 64868)
... I have finally got the last rain channel made and in place...

Well done. :cool:

The fact you just keep at a problem until it is fixed is a great inspiration.

Good luck. Paul. :)

y cymro 25th March 2015 18:20


Originally Posted by Scottie22 (Post 64875)
Thanks for that y cymro, I'll check on the mag

It's only a statement, Ill scan and send it to you

davecymru 25th March 2015 18:47

Here you go, i hope they're of help/interest?

y cymro 25th March 2015 20:35

And whilst we're looking at reference photos, take a look here at the 275k Lynx

y cymro 25th March 2015 20:47

Then try this, scroll down and select 'Jaguar XKSS First Drive' to enjoy a nice video by Goodwood RRC

Scottie22 25th March 2015 22:40

Hey Dave, Thanks a lot for those pics, its definitely a replica, just cannot figure out why someone put wires on it and not Dunlops!!

y cymro, totally blown away by both links! Don't know whether to be mega-inspired, or just gutted that my car won't be as stunning as those two!!

I'll carry on though, mine will look reasonably nice, and handle and sound quite good too, the major difference will be the price that I will have managed to build it for, and the fun I've had too.

Scottie22 26th March 2015 16:26

Another day on the car, having made the last rain channel, I needed to clean up, and join it to the side trim of the car, so it looks as though it should be that way.

I snapped the corner off the passengers side ( fibre glass body) where I had ground it too thin, Then made a mess of the side panel by cutting it too short, so the whole lot had to be sorted out , which is what I did today.

I made a small panel, which does not look out of place, and that solved all the problems in that area.

I was wondering what to do about the ugly nuts that hold the quarter lights on inside the car, and decided domed stainless nuts were the answer, and got some. I am pleased with the result and will do the other side tomorrow.







jones 26th March 2015 18:28

Scottie - I hope you don't mind this suggestion - rather than having two separately fixed panels why not have one to cover the corner and the windscreen support to keep it all neat? Having said that I do love all the panelling you have done, so it will look good no matter what.

Scottie22 26th March 2015 18:46

Jones, all suggestions are most welcome, but in this case I will do seperate covers.

The main reason is that it is going to be very difficult to make the support covers, and I know this because I have already made paper patterns, and even they were hard. I am on about mark 4 at present!

I am not looking forward to doing them in alloy, but will.
The thought of trying to combine corners and those, is most definitely a big no-no!

Scottie22 27th March 2015 10:17

Got out early, made and fitted the drivers side corner cover,
(apologies to Jones!)

Perhaps more later



fatbloke 27th March 2015 10:49

Are you going to be ready for Stoneleigh Scottie? I should have my 250LM in time for the show, although not painted. We can have a seriously unusual array of cars on the Tribute pitch.

Scottie22 27th March 2015 12:40

I really hope so FB, but I thought I would get there last year!
How wrong can one be?

I will definitely go there, but whether my car gets to go there I can't say for sure yet.

I'm doing my best.

Scottie22 28th March 2015 19:08

I have spent half the day on the car and don't seem to have changed much, but half a day is half a day, so we are closer.

I have fixed the boot lid cable and pull toggle into the car, so when the boot lid goes back on after the paint job, the lock will just bolt into place as a five minute job.

Then I had to re-fit the dash, so I would know how much space I've got for the windscreen support covers, then work out how to make and shape them.

I now know what to do, and more importantly, how to do it and what to make it out of.

Who yelled out "aluminium?

I still have to chop some fibre glass out of the dash corners so's to get the trim all smooth and fitting correctly, at the edges, but that will be another day.

The final trim fitting, which is what I'm doing now, will always be on permanent show, and the car will be judged by how that looks, so I really cannot rush this stage as much as I want to!

I just had to fit the steering wheel to cheer me up a bit, but it did not really need to be there!

Here are some pics:





http://<a href="http://s928.photobuc...pse87ktxbb.jpg[/IMG]


garyh 28th March 2015 20:43

Bang tidy.

Mister Towed 29th March 2015 07:24


Originally Posted by garyh (Post 65019)
Bang tidy.

Yes, jolly spiffing what what. :yo:

Paul L 29th March 2015 11:02

Scottie - I don't see how anyone looking into that cockpit would guess there is a Spitfire under there. :cool:

Good luck, Paul. :)

It is easy to see why fitting that steering wheel would cheer you up. :thumb:

Danny_HUFC 29th March 2015 11:09

Scottie, coming along nicely and the interior looks, dare I say it... Almost complete?

Where did you source the parts for the boot opener? ie. the puller, wire and flexy tubing.

I may add them for the doors on my Kobra in case the remote solenoids fail!

Scottie22 29th March 2015 11:19

I'll check on where I got the the bits, and get back to you Danny.

reneanglia 29th March 2015 12:25

engine swap
Scottie.........the interior looks fantastic.
Now something i am wondering about,as the car has a fixed front and no flipfront how on earth do you get the engine out in case of a major problem?

Scottie22 29th March 2015 14:55

Okay Danny, the red pull handle cable thing came from here

I bought one for the bonnet, and was so impressed with the quality, I got a second one for the boot. So cheap, yet the same thing from Demon Tweaks is over 30. Four times the price.
The actual lock part came from a national chain store, called
B and M, but on checking today, they no longer do them.

However, this looks about the same, but I can't vouch for the qualty:

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