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Trevor 8th May 2018 17:09

Phantom Vortex GTR
Hi All,

I have over the last 15years built the GTR and it has been a real pleasure to construct it passed all its road tests with flying colours but still needs some upholstery and a spray.It all is in pretty good condition.

It has been in my garage all of that time and as I am getting older I find it impossible to get into it now !!and more importantly out of it !!

Could I ask has has any one any idea as to the value I should ask for it ?


EddyP 8th May 2018 21:10

Hi Trevor, it doesn't what condition/standard/specification you've built it to.

Can you post any photos of the stage you got to?

Paint and trim will cost about £5-6K.
As to what it's worth even as a finished car is hard to say, maybe £10 - 15K

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