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Electric SuperCar 11th June 2019 00:04

K1 Attack
Hello all, I am new to the forum. I am just starting on a K1 attack kit car build. I would love to see if anyone has built one here on the forum. I am documenting my build on YouTube.

I will need all the help I can get.

Electric SuperCar 17th July 2019 19:36

I spoke with Wilwood and contacted Brembo. Here is the new plan for brakes.

*Ditch the brake booster - It was suggested that an electric vacuum pump would likely not be able to keep vacuum under repeated heavy braking (track or aggressive driving)
*All manual setup
*New brake pedal - New pedal 7:1 ratio (340-13834). Old pedal was 4.6:1
*Master Cylinder - Tandem master cylinder 15/16 bore (260-13375)
*Adapter - Tandem master cylinder adapter (250-3677)
*Proportioning valve - 10mm-1 (260-12627)

Additional suggestions are welcome.

Electric SuperCar 29th July 2019 23:16

:icon_biggrin:Tesla motor comes tomorrow

Electric SuperCar 31st July 2019 15:10

1 Attachment(s)
Ready to be mounted

Mister Towed 31st July 2019 16:51

Following this thread with interest. I take it the motor came from a wrecked Tesla rather than new from the factory?

Can you give us a breakdown of how much the motor, batteries and control unit are going to cost. I'm asking because I'd love to build something more interesting than a Twizzy when we get forced to go electric.

Lucky@LeMans 31st July 2019 18:02

I like the idea of all electric, manic levels of torque from the moment you put your foot down !
In the years to come there should be plenty of electric donor cars as well as affordable batteries and the charging infrastructure to make it a reality.
I don't agree with the eco side of electric cars, until all of the power stations are using renewables to generate the electricity it's a bit of a farce, but I suppose you have to start somewhere !

Electric SuperCar 31st July 2019 18:58

As far as costs...

The control units are still pricey because there are only a few that have hacked the tesla motor controls. I think you can find stand alone for ~$3000. You can find used (salvaged) Tesla motors for ~$3000. There are also companies that will get the used motors and the controllers and test them for you prior to shipment (this is what I did).

I have not purchased the batteries yet. I am still trying to decide between used Chevy Volt battery pack and new LG Chem 16S 2.6kWh batteries.

Mister Towed 31st July 2019 20:41

Fairly pricey, then.

I am struggling a bit to understand why electric motors for cars are so expensive when they have one moving part and are really just a scaled-up version of the one turning the drum in my £150 washing machine.

I had hoped that once the car industry started going electric the price of the motors would come down, but there's no sign of that happening yet.

I would expect the batteries to always be expensive, though, due to them containing so many rare earth minerals and heavy metals.

That also makes it a bit difficult for me to see how making us all drive ZEV's is going to save the planet when you have to dig huge holes in it to extract the ingredients you need to make the batteries.

Hey, ho, still really looking forward to seeing your build progress.

froggyman 1st August 2019 20:37

Bought this about three years ago intending to hillclimb and sprint it along with further development and changes. Unfortunately the Motorsport Association as was changed the regulations for the use electric cars over the following few years and I now have an expensive paperweight.

Electric SuperCar 4th August 2019 17:11

For those wanting a few more details.

Electric SuperCar 12th August 2019 03:27

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Hey all, I got the front brake lines installed.

For those wanting more details

Electric SuperCar 18th August 2019 18:06

1 Attachment(s)
Starting on Tesla motor cooling system.

For those wanting more details

peterux 18th August 2019 21:53

Interesting project!
Have you seen this article about Tesla cooling systems?

Electric SuperCar 18th August 2019 22:39

I had not seen it. Thanks for sharing.

Electric SuperCar 26th August 2019 04:34

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More work on Tesla motor cooling system.

For those wanting more details

Electric SuperCar 1st September 2019 16:09

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Continue wiring 12V circuits and starting on charging unit and DC DC converter.

For those wanting more details

Phaeton 2nd September 2019 11:38

Has somebody come up with an alternative way of controlling the Tesla units? Last time I saw anything on Youtube they were basically making it as difficult as they could, there was one guy who took the motor from a wrecked motor & put it into a flood damaged one, Tesla wouldn't let him even buy the plastic clips that held the door cards on, both cars had been marked on their database as write-offs so they wouldn't supply any parts.

Electric SuperCar 2nd September 2019 16:16

I have found EV Controls, Zero-Ev, EVTV, and 057tech that all offer a solution to controlling the tesla drive units.

Electric SuperCar 8th September 2019 22:36

1 Attachment(s)
Progress continues

Electric SuperCar 22nd September 2019 18:42

1 Attachment(s)
Hey all, Tesla rear suspension is now in place.

For those wanting more details...

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