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lancelot link 5th September 2020 07:26

Suffolk Sportscars
Wow !!
I'd say they've been struggling for a while to get to that point ....

Mick O'Malley 5th September 2020 08:25

Only £17,000 in equipment, vehicles and stock? This strikes me as very light.

Regards, Mick

oxford1360 5th September 2020 09:27

I would imagine they cleared out all stock and equipment when the sh*t was approaching the fan.

The fact that one person had pumped over half a million of his own money into it suggests it might have been a bit of a vanity project, or he was easily fooled.

Regardless of the story behind it, it's still sad when this happens. Many of us will have dreamt of similar projects.

oxford1360 5th September 2020 09:28

Rather oddly, their website is still live - something an administrator would usually attend to pretty swiftly.

lancelot link 5th September 2020 10:41

The SS is a nice car but doesn't really do it for me but the C type ... Well , they just are so pretty's a shame ...

redratbike 5th September 2020 13:02

All this off the back of Mercedes and Ferrari having sued successfully and Bentley with tribute etc etc

Mitchelkitman 5th September 2020 16:36

It's taken JLR a long while (of SS production) before taking action - I wonder what prompted them to do it after so many years?

Mister Towed 6th September 2020 07:56

Ooh, that's a shame, their C-Type is an impressive car and their stand at Goodwood Revival was always buzzing with potential customers (wealthy looking toffs, mostly).

My guess is that overheads and production costs combined with the time it takes to assemble each car - as I recall they were advertising one 'in build' car at a time for completion in six months - made it very difficult to make an operating profit.

The whole thing with JLR suing is probably down to recent changes in EU copyright/design law and JLR now having both a classic restoration arm and a sideline building continuation models.

I doubt I could ever have afforded one of their cars, but it's a real shame nonetheless.

Mitchelkitman 6th September 2020 10:32

About 10 years ago I saw the SS100 cars on the stand at a show and asked how much the kit cost - Was told £85k so I replied, no, not a fully built car, just a kit. That is the kit price sir, not fully built!
Maybe I should have been wearing even more scruffy clothes?

Lucky@LeMans 6th September 2020 11:16

Having 11 employees plus the two directors will add up to £££££'s. The products were always top end and not really the usual "kit car" end of the market. The Covid situation hasn't slowed the marked, quite the opposite in many cases. Several people I know in the wider classic car scene are telling me business has been very strong right through the summer. As I have said on another thread, the values of existing cars will probably rise in the longer term as it has with long since defunct kit products on the market these days. That Karma Dino that sold on ebay last week for £7900 is a good example, part built, no V5 etc etc.

JG 6th September 2020 14:12

It's a real shame to see any kit car company go under. Suffolk's offerings were wonderful examples, albeit very pricey. Would have loved to have owned one (both).

I suspect JLR's move was something to do with their own classic department and probably plans to revive the C type. Who knows. Maybe if Suffolk stuck to just the SS100 they may have escaped JLR attention (pure speculation on my part)

With regard the debt, seems rather a lot but could just be fancy accounting, beyond my knowledge.

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