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meitme 3rd January 2021 13:29

Tribute BMW 507ESQ
I can't see this mentioned anywhere else, but I thought Tribute's new car was looking interesting. I like a replica which uses the original manufacturer's car as a basis so it actually has the right to wear the badge!

That low sill on the Z3 causes its usual problem to the shape, but I think it could be a nice classic-looking car. There's some photoshop going on with these images (the front grille, bumpers, wheels and rear lights especially- I think it's just a photo of a 250 SWB kit that's then been altered in fact) but hopefully the finished thing looks as good.

Ollie 3rd January 2021 15:46

Looks great....... would look even better if they could add the original style swage line down the side....

UpstateCobraGuy 4th January 2021 17:35

I like it but wonder about the bumpers. Metal and chrome can add up quickly and almost equal the cost of the kit.

Lucky@LeMans 4th January 2021 21:11

There are probably a few options that would work, Triumph Stag bumpers look very similar and are cheap to buy. Ollie is right, the swage line down the side would add to the illusion.

meitme 6th January 2021 09:55

Didn’t the DNA have some way of doing chromed bumpers in GRP?
I’ve no idea how they’d do the grille though.

Personally I think the windscreen surround really needs to be chrome too, but you can do that with vinyl can’t you?

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