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ChrisS 22nd July 2019 16:40

Iím coming to the realisation that, if I really want to drive my Sportster before I am too old to enjoy it, I need to look at other ways of getting it completed. Nothing to do with the kit itself, the lack of progress is totally down to me.
I have a couple of feelers out but if anyone knows of any good kit car build outfits in the SE I would be grateful for suggestions.
I guess the other option, but not my preferred, would be if anyone knew anyone who might be interested in a part completed kit.

Dpaz 22nd July 2019 21:44

A bit of a long shot, do you have a technical college that does motor mechanics courses. They may be interested in finishing it for you. At a price.
Good luck

redratbike 22nd July 2019 21:50

Maybe contact the Kent kit car club and have an ask

I did know 2 guys in Orpington that used to make the GCS hawke then sold up and concentrated on customer builds.
They finished my dads robin hood when we lost storage but not seen them about recently

ChrisS 23rd July 2019 07:03

Thanks, for both suggestions.

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