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Ric H 12th September 2013 20:29

Paint for inside the shell
Well, it has been something like 6 years since I got my car on the road so I wondered about giving it a lick of paint. What have people used to paint the inside of the shell? I am thinking it should be black, tough, flexible, waterproof. Keep the water out of the GRP and protect from stonechips a bit (OK, probably a bit late for that). This led me to think of roofing paint - something like this, which is a low VOC (so shouldn't do evil things to the resin) elastomeric coating, and still a bit breathable to let any moisture out of the laminate. Any thoughts?


peterux 12th September 2013 20:56

Hi Richard,

Or maybe something like this....

I've not used it (yet?) but it's what the GRP books recommend....


alackofspeed 13th September 2013 22:19

Danboline - its marine bilge paint and suitable for GRP.

bigrich 18th September 2013 21:12

I used a single pack polyurethane brushing grade black - mixed at local trade auto paint stockist. Can't remember if it was gloss or semi...too long ago!

But....before I painted it on I applied / poured copious amounts of stonechip protector over the vulnerable areas under the arches.....this has stopped any 'star' cracks / chips coming through the gelcoat.


Nike55 19th September 2013 16:12

In the US a couple of car builder Forums have recommended pick-up truck 'bed liner' paint to coat underside of kit car wheel arches etc.

Its expensive although very tough and has sound deadening qualities (apparently) but anyone thinking of this might want to research a bit into long term effects upon fibreglass.

SDMC001 22nd September 2013 06:32

I went to my local GRP specialist who made up a paint using the Oxford blue pigment, this he recommended to keep the original GRP free of moisture, its resin and catalyst paint which dries hard but flexible, I afraid I cant remember the name of it.

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