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MadDogMoggy 25th October 2013 18:42

Exeter Show
Bit late notice I know but dad and I will be heading to the Exeter show in the Exi Saturday (tomorrow). If anyone is about come and say 'Hi'!


eaa53 26th October 2013 06:50

My 5exi is already on the Apple County Stand
Hi Tim

I delivered my car onto the Apple County Kit Car stand last night.

So if you see a 'beard' lounging in chair give me a poke. :loco:

Look forward to seeing you.


On the stand note the black wheels on one side and the silver wheel on the other ..... which do you prefer?

eaa53 26th October 2013 18:54

5exi's in a Row, well nearly
We may not have achieved a gaggle of 5exi's together but we did manage 3 owner/builders together..... :second:

Good to talk to like minded builders, Tim and Mike, good to meet you guys.


MadDogMoggy 28th October 2013 21:38

Likewise, good to meet up with some fellow builders/owners and share the joys and tribulations!

eaa53 15th December 2013 10:19

You got spotted at Exeter CKC picture
Hi Tim

I see you got pictured at Exeter with the 5exi!!

Page 27 of Complete Kit Car has you being inspected by a crowd in the kit park.

Looks good in the sunshine, I hope you enjoyed your day at the show it was good to talk to a couple of other 5exi owners, Mike is still tinkering with his electrics but not heard from him recently.

I have my car on eBay with over 2000 views, 20 watchers but no bids, I live in hope.



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