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revesby37 16th May 2010 17:49

I want to have a low (200mm) full width wind deflector screen made-up for my Marlin, from Plexiglass or similar. Does anyone have any ideas where I might get it and a bracket made up? Also, any tips?

JAC.Sports 30th May 2010 09:48

Which Marlin is it?

revesby37 31st May 2010 21:48

It's a sportster. Am thinking of making a screen from polycarbonate (Lexan D), and will try to put a curve in it for added rigidity. Not sure whether 4mm will be enough - easier to curve than 6mm, but not as rigid. Any views?

550spyder 11th December 2011 22:16

I'm very new to this forum but i know what you need to do. There are two options, one is to have a mould made for the screen and by that i mean the inside and outside of the screen, then have it heat formed. There are many people who can heat form it for you - look for the larger sign making companies in your area as they do this sort of thing - but you'll need to find a joiner / chippie to make the mould for you first.

The other (and cheapest) option is to bend it yourself "by hand" use a heat gun (not a hair dryer) to melt or soften the Lexan then it will bend to shape. Dont' try to bend when cold as it will retain it's orignal shape and never fit properly - most likely break in the process. Take your time, don't go overboard with too much heat and it should be OK. If you want a nice finish to the exposed edge of the Lexan once your happy and finished with the correct curve of the windscreen then heat the edge of the Lexan then using the blunt edge of a std. hascksaw blade scrape the edge and it will polish up. Again don't use too much heat.

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