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Axel 14th February 2014 08:32

Dino 206P
Hi guys,
I really like this site and the projects you are doing here, many fantastic builds and hundreds of ideas and different ways to build your dreamcar..!

Now it's time to introduce myself and show my project:

I live in Germany in Hamburg, and I have built two kitcars already, a Countach with spaceframe and Renault Alpine A310 suspension and engine and a Renault Alpine A110 speedster based on a shortened beetle chassis.

I sold both cars 2 years ago, and played around with Porsche 996, which never made me happy, so I sold this car too.

A polish guy here in Hamburg offers GT40 kits made in Poland for a competitive price, so I decided last year to drive to Poland to have a look. I saw a frame, and some bodyparts in quite a good quality, but I did not see a finished car or a complete body. Nevertheless I bought a "rolling chassis" with body to be delivered in october, and than the story began...

Anyway, I don't wanna tell to much about what has all happened, I picked the things up in Poland in october, and brought the stuff home.

Axel 14th February 2014 08:51

The first idea was to build a GT40 roadster with open roof and a speedster style windscreen, but the more I looked at the car, the less I was happy with its proportions compared to the real thing.
The front was too short and hanging down, the rear was also hanging down and had strange lines, so one day I decided if I have to change so many things to make it look right, and can build something different and much nicer out of it...
The curved front fenders reminded me to the Ferraris from the mid-sixties, the Dino and the P3/P4...
A P4 kit already exists, so I decided to go for the much rarer Dino 206, and started comparing the proportions:

not so much of a difference, but the wheeelbase from the GT is different to the Dino, the Dino 206 is a very small car with 13" wheels, and I (over 6ft tall) will never fit in there...
With the longer wheelbase from the GT it will be a 105% scaled up Dino, which makes it bigger and wider and I do fit in there... :peace:

Axel 14th February 2014 08:55

So I decided to hacksaw the GT and build my alltime favourite dreamcar out of it...a big challenge, but at the end I will have a rare car with unique background, as far as I know there are only 18 Dino 206 built and a handfull metalbody reproductions...

Axel 14th February 2014 08:57

The original design was done by pininfarina

...but to get it race ready, Ferrari gave the job to Piero Drogo with his Carozzeria Sportscars in Modena, and he got it spot on!!

Axel 14th February 2014 09:02

It was equipped with a 2000ccm V6 doing more than 220hp, and that was 1965!
The car was really competive with its size and a weight of about 1100lbs by 220hp, and has won several races and hillclimbs...

the interior was simple and race-oriented, which makes it simple to copy


Axel 14th February 2014 09:05

The hacksawing process, I do not comment it, just have a look at the pics and if you have any questions please ask...

Axel 14th February 2014 09:08

I am doing photoshop overlays almost everyday, and it sometimes amazes me how close I am...


Axel 14th February 2014 09:09

first windscreen attempt...


Axel 14th February 2014 09:10

out in the sun... I lowered the windscreen quite a bit, makes it more aggressive..

Axel 14th February 2014 09:11

working out the lines...

Axel 14th February 2014 09:13

some goodies I have found at a german classic car show two weeks ago...


Axel 14th February 2014 09:15

applying some threedimensional shapes with formmetal, a metal stich-matte glued in with sikaflex..

Axel 14th February 2014 09:17

the windscreen frame...a cylindrical shape for the windscreen...

Axel 14th February 2014 09:19

and that is the current status:

Axel 14th February 2014 09:21

I wish I would be that far...


Axel 14th February 2014 09:25

another goodie arrived safely yesterday, thanks to John from JHclassics :-)


Axel 14th February 2014 09:48

Now engine and transmission choice...

I have a Ford V6 to VW/Porsche adapter plate lying around here, could go for a Ford Essex V6, or even a Cosworth V6, or to have an all italian solution I go for the Alfa V6 attached to a Alfa Boxer gearbox from the Alfa 33 or 145/146.
The Alfa 33 gearbox does not fit the Alfa V6, I still do need an adapter, but I have the hope that at least two or three holes match, and I can use Alfa components for clutch and flexplate, and with an 190hp Alfa 3.0 V6 QV from the 75 or GTV6 it will be a classic and cheap solution compared to the Porsche transmission...

the Alfa 33 gearbox (built up to 140hp):

the Alfa 164 gearbox compared to the Alfa 33:

Paul L 14th February 2014 11:09

Axel - This is a very interesting build, thanks for posting the details.

Your photoshop overlays are very impressive,

But the fact you can then turn the computer images into reality is very clever indeed. :cool:

Good luck, Paul. :)

slangenracing 14th February 2014 11:49

I am amazed! When i started Reading your post, i thougt "what The hell is he thinking, hacking up a gt40??!!". But i read on and now clearly see why! This is truly Amazing! Love it. You wont be seeing Another of these! If it was mine i would definatly go for the alfa Engine. Alfa 60 degree v6´s has an amaziningly aggresive sound! No other v6 can compare to it! Plus they give alot of Power too...

Axel 14th February 2014 21:21

I agree with you, Alfa should be the way to go!!

Thanks for your kind words, guys!

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