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WorldClassAccident 21st July 2014 23:03

Can't you just mount a normal light in series but place it inside the body work. This will slow the exterior bulb and give your engine a disco experience whenever you turn a corner?

IanA 22nd July 2014 10:13

Yes I'd considered that as well, but in parallel. I'm not totally happy with the front indicators anyway. They have a nice low profile but don't reflect in the headlights enough. I have obtained some small lenses and some 21w capless bulbs so may end up incandescent rather than led anyway.

IanA 24th July 2014 21:00

Always wanted to do this:

ever since i had a Lotus Seven S1 with similar. But real.

Should fool the casual observer:

and will all be in matt black of course.

IanA 24th July 2014 21:05

And would be quite easy to double up.

WorldClassAccident 24th July 2014 21:22

Needs to match the bore on the real pipes. Looks a bit like a hoover adaptor in the smaller size. love the idea though and better than my attempts at fake side pipes

IanA 24th July 2014 21:33

Would have made it larger but used the pipe I had lying about in the garage and didn't want it to be too heavy an ornament either.

WorldClassAccident 24th July 2014 21:49

Not meant as criticism, perhaps just bigger tubes at the end next to the real pipe?

IanA 1st August 2014 18:04

More Flash
The original front indicators with their bright LED elements were very neat but just didn't seem prominent enough for everyday driving.
So I bought these:
they are incandescent but still low wattage so I've left the ballast resistors in circuit.

For 2014, I see that Bruce has mounted repeaters on the front edge of the wheel arch - could be a home for my now redundant ones.

WorldClassAccident 1st August 2014 18:05

Did you mention his stripes look wrong?

IanA 1st August 2014 18:07


Originally Posted by WorldClassAccident (Post 58139)
Did you mention his stripes look wrong?

Not yet- I want some hi-res pics of those Mille Miglia number panels first!!!

IanA 10th August 2014 19:12

2014 Historic Specials day 10 August Burford, Oxon.
Pretty damp down at the Cotswold Wildlife Park today so not a great turnout...

The pics from both the 2012 and 2014 shows are here

IanA 13th August 2014 21:00

Still not heard from the DVLA but the insurance company called today and they are dumping me with 7 days notice- "we don't insure modified cars".

WorldClassAccident 13th August 2014 21:19

Try Adrian Flux

Mister Towed 13th August 2014 21:34

Or 'A' Plan, they've given me excellent service -

IanA 14th August 2014 14:50

A-Plan now have my business as of next Monday.

IanA 15th August 2014 12:22

Amanda Price - we love you
Amanda Price is now on my Christmas card list...

Received today.

IanA 15th August 2014 12:44

And it's now correct on the DVLA Enquiry database:


Vehicle Registration Mark
Vehicle Make
If the make does not appear in this list, select 'Other' and complete the text box below.
...or other make(only if you selected 'Other' above)

Mister Towed 15th August 2014 14:41

Wow, so no inspection any more then, just fill in a form?

IanA 15th August 2014 15:43


Originally Posted by Mister Towed (Post 58593)
Wow, so no inspection any more then, just fill in a form?

Yes- just sent in the V5, V627/1, the receipt for the work from Chris and 4 pictures of it (from front with hood up, from front with hood down, from rear with hood down and an under-bonnet shot clearly showing the retained front protection "bumper" and the BMW name on the engine).

TBH, I think the detailed receipt from Chris swung it with wording like "Supply ... kit to fit BMW Z3" and "To fit the above to customer supplied BMW Z3 Reg. No. T210 YHO..."

That made it quite clear that it was only body panels that were involved without modification to chassis, drive train or suspension. My pics were taken with the wire wheels fitted.

WorldClassAccident 15th August 2014 15:51

Getting mine re-registered again!!!

As it stands, mine is a replica.

Probably of yours Ian :-)

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