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Mister Towed 13th May 2020 11:30

Great looking car either way -

tonyvan 13th May 2020 18:18

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Hi Neil,
The interior is black seats, door cards-and centre console, with red piping, charcoal carpets and I agree, I wanted it to be a bit lighter in the interior. So it looks like itís back to my original plan and stick with the white perforated lining. Will get this done hopefully in the next few days just waiting for the glass to clad down one wall in the garage opposite the Dino. This should be here Friday so depending on the weather I will get the roof lining done Sat at latest.
Most of the electrics done, added a retro radio with Bluetooth , Aux outlets etc, cigarette lighter charger for additional sat nav, dash cam and tyre monitors (tyrepal) plus a Auto Vox rear camera just below rear no plate and screen.

tonyvan 14th May 2020 14:18

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Decided to give the car a polish with turtle wax ceramic donít actually show the shine it gives justice.will tackle the roof lining in the next few days, got bits to do in garage so the roof lining will take a back seat for a few days.

tonyvan 16th May 2020 17:01

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So got the mirrors done and then no excuse but to tackle the roof lining very very soon.

NeilF355 17th May 2020 08:01

Hi Tony
That's a tidy set up (in every respect) you have there :hail:
Must admit that most of the wall space in my garage is taken up with racks for my tools or shelving for rubbish which might just come in useful one day :laugh:

Keep up the good work.

tonyvan 18th May 2020 06:50

Hi Neil, I do try keep the garage neat and tidy. Lucky for me I have a big loft spaced in the garage to store the “junk “in boxes that I may need one day. I am finding i have more tools that seem to be not going back into the tool box so I think it’s time to have a big tidy up. Was getting frustrated as I had an issue with intermittent headlight working then not working.Finally traced that to dirty connectors under the car and also with the indicators, again another connection block in the boot well needed cleaning and dielectric grease applied. Then found the old Lucas flasher was playing up so have now ordered an equivalent electronic flasher unit which I’m now waiting for. App the old mechanical one is really susceptible to voltage drop. Apart from that everything is good to go.........oooh apart from the roof lining which I keep putting off. Lol

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