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Scundered64 28th May 2008 19:45

Sayin Hello.
hey guys, just a hello let u know a little about me..

I'm new to the whole kitcars scene and i am lookin to buy a complete kit in the near future, (does this include an engine?!?) more than likely a cobra/tojeiro :der: :thumb:.....

im 18 been saving for a while to get a car, but i love building stuff and i reli want a challenge haha.. and im wondering if u guys wud have any advice for a first time buyer, some "what to look for/what to avoid" sorta info...

any advice is appreciated cheers :becky:

AdamCKC 31st May 2008 11:29

A complete kit won't include the engine - the term generally means it includes (nearly) everything you'd need to source from the kit manufacturer. You'd then need to get your engine, box and running gear from elsewhere.

How long do you think you'll spend building the car? Insurance will be an issue if you get it on the road too soon!

Scundered64 31st May 2008 15:01

so id need to find a donor car for engine, gear box, drive shaft etc..

well i wanna try and keep costs to a minimum, do u think i cud get a kit and an engine for £6000 or am i being a little optimistic, :):) i dont reli want to build sumthing "all out" as it were if its only my first build, but at the same time i dont want to build something too uninteresting to drive... if i get insured...... lol (im hard to please, haha) maybe something more easy with a smaller engine, say 1600 - 2000cc. any ideas on what might be a good one to start on??

as for insurance, i dont reli think ther'd be any chance of an 18 yearold gettin insured would ther??, especially if its a kit car? lol

thanx for the help!! :D:D

Ferg 2nd June 2008 17:14

Good luck with whatever you choose to build, but just a couple of points.

1600-2000 ISN'T a small engine where 18 year olds trying to get insured are concerned. LOL!

And kitcars are much more insurance friendly than mainstream cars.

Scundered64 4th June 2008 17:54

nice i was lookin at a GBS robin hood zero, for a first buy, do u guys think tht this would be easy enough for me to assemble as a first time builder? any tips or things i should be wary off when buying/building?? thanks guys!! << Zero

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