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1iTim 6th October 2013 11:42

1iTim's triumph miglia special
Hello all, i have the 1961 bones on a car trailer parked in the front of my house, it will hit the garage tomorrow. Then the fun begins! I will have a raft of questions for mike that my engineer wants to know, then I'll know if i can do this as a 'modified' classic, or will need full 'icv' which may mean i just restore the herald... Pics of the donor tomorrow.

1iTim 9th October 2013 00:12

This may be a question long ago answered, but could anyone let me know if the herald seats fit the miglia body? Although the fabric is ruined my seats seem in otherwise good condition.

Viatron 9th October 2013 05:54

I cant see why not but in reality on Mick would be able to tell you as he's the only one who has built one.

mikmiglia 9th October 2013 16:40


Originally Posted by 1iTim (Post 47269)
This may be a question long ago answered, but could anyone let me know if the herald seats fit the miglia body? Although the fabric is ruined my seats seem in otherwise good condition.

Hi Tim, sorry for the delay , the seats would fit . The floor pans i supply are as wide as the herald floor pans, and allows the lower position needed for the correct head position.

1iTim 12th October 2013 01:49

excellent, thanks mike. that these fold is good for that storage compartment you do, although i'd love to see that in a "boot" like the dtype... i've also emailed you some sale related questions.

1iTim 12th October 2013 01:50


this is my donor and:

the engineer is hopeful of a "modified classic" pending some info from mike.

1iTim 18th October 2013 10:27

here is why i had only 3 cyl, now we should be ok

replacement on its way for 2.25 pounds (rimmer)

new fuel pump on its way too.


Viatron 18th October 2013 11:05

Good job you caught it early that could have made a mess quickly!

1iTim 21st October 2013 01:40

cylinder head
Hi all,

My Cyl head has "stanpart 303014" cast into it. It is on my spitfire engine block number FE12951. I can't find out much about the head number except in mentions in old forums linked to 1147 engines.

Any ideas?

the exhaust manifold currently looks like a Mk3, in that it is cast and a short all into 1 system, and i'm wondering if the head is a 6 or 8 port (i will know when i pull the manifolds off but am impatient!) and if i do try to get a tubular exhaust what head i have to fit it to.

I've got twin SU's that look pretty small - HS2's i think.

oxford1360 21st October 2013 08:24

An FE prefix indicates a lower compression (8.5:1) 1296cc Mk III Spitfire.

See -

The cam and bottom end are great. If you up the compression a bit you will have a very nice engine. It would have been fitted with HS2s originally so they are a safe bet. It should be the 8 port head. You can tell by looking at the inlet manifold without removing it.

You can get tubular exhausts for the head no problem.

1iTim 23rd October 2013 01:49

Thanks oxford. Without info on the head i'm unsure whether it may well be a high compression option. I can't tell if its the head that came with the engine. Never mind, by all research so far its a darn sight better than the 948 the car was made with! It still has the 1 1/4 inch exhaust of the herald mated up to the 1 3/4 downpipe of the spit. Theres some easy power...

I've got the body off now too, (except the scuttle) it really looks like progress.

Paul L 23rd October 2013 16:29

Good luck with your build Tim.

The more photos you can post the better!

Cheers, Paul. :)

1iTim 24th October 2013 03:09

heres a pic of the car witht he body off (except the scuttle - sorting the engine out before removing it for cleaning etc)
you can see the great condition its in - no salt grit on our roads!

1iTim 24th October 2013 03:10

the body has not fared so well:

1iTim 24th October 2013 03:11

i am going to save that hankdbrake to use - too many excellent kits impaired by 21st century handbrakes from taxis.

Mister Towed 24th October 2013 08:06

That chassis does look to be rust free. Almost exactly the same as mine wasn't...


1iTim 24th October 2013 08:34

well it all turned out rather well in the end for you!

1iTim 24th October 2013 08:54

i have found a herald 1.25inch exhaust clamped up to my spitfire 1.75 manifold... simple fix, a $40 spitfire exhaust.

which is in canada.

and another 50 of them, in england.

shipping to australia? priceless...

custom job perhaps...

hey has anyone found if triumph had a white jaeger tacho to match the white jaeger speedos? all the spitties iv seen have black ones.

1iTim 5th November 2013 21:01

Dash is off
1 Attachment(s)
Dash is off. everything is going well so far. (scares me)

tlrtone 6th November 2013 07:10


Originally Posted by 1iTim (Post 48307)
Dash is off. everything is going well so far. (scares me)

The calm before the storm eh? :eyebrows:

It'll all be fine, just work through each bit!

Looks a very good start though :eusa_dance:

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