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EXI Turbo 31st July 2017 11:43

Things to do after 1500 mile camping trip to France
I have just had a very successful camping trip to France covering over 1500 miles in the 5exi. In fact the handling seemed even better with the wife in and it fully loaded with the camping kit.

After having to call out the recovery services on the M26 for a corroded fuse (easy fix once identified) the car was very reliable. She cruised down the motorways at 130+ KPH for 2 hours at a time before it was time to fill up and handled the bumpy French farm roads without shaking herself to bits.

Now i feel I can and should use her more often so I have a few jobs to do to make it more useable.

1. Replace the fuse box with a waterproof box as they are corroded and although not blown the increased resistance which made them very hot and cut out the ignition.- anybody else have this issue and fixed it.

2. the turbo is right behind my seat and I get absolutely roasted, so need to sort - anybody got any ideas ? i did see a picture of a turbo with some sort of fabric jacket on perhaps a heat shield.

3. heat from radiator blows straight into cabin and roasts me from the other side ! ok in England but not on a hot day in France.

4.I get a smell of, I think, burning rubber when travelling on a motorway when there is a dip in the road. Maybe wheels are hitting arch.

5.Too much water getting into cabin when it rains. I know I should put the roof on but it is so noisy even with the back window rolled up. i think I can improve it around the windscreen and maybe a small side window.

6.Petrol gauge shows empty when 10+ litres left.

So not a major list but would like to feel it is an option on a daily basis and it does make me smile when I am driving it.

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