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Crofty 19th June 2020 10:26

Mx 250 GTO headliner help
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Hi, I am in the middle of working on my interior, fitted one seat to try it out looks good cleaned it and treated it with leather conditioner.
I took the wife for a spin to try the seat out, I couldn’t stop laughing she kept sliding down the seat nearly on to the floor, maybe best not to put conditioner on the drivers seat.
Anyway I have digress a bit I am looking at fitting a new headliner and was wondering about removing the roll bar first, I think I remember someone saying it’s a right game to get it out.
I don’t know weather to glue the headliner or fit it with rods.
Can anyone help please.

A couple of photos slippery seat and steering wheel fitted.
Regards Andy.

Crofty 23rd June 2020 11:11

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Hi all can anyone please help with my headliner problem, I have had no reply’s every body must be busy working on there own projects. I have finished the interior of except for the headliner.can anyone help please.
Photos of car yesterday in the sun.

Drummajor 24th June 2020 07:27

Car looks great , if it was my headliner I would glue it in , and I would probably Have done it before I fitted the shell to the car, however I’m sure it’s still possible just more fiddly .

smash 24th June 2020 23:14

Mines in being trimmed currently - went for rods and traditional perforated headliner. Looks great but apparently a ball ache to get right. Gluing is easier - maybe glue a diamond stitch material? Stitched quilted headlining seems to be in at the mo. - certainly see it some top end cars

Mitchelkitman 25th June 2020 08:39

If glueing it be VERY careful of the fumes from impact glue - I just about got myself out of the garage before being overcome by fumes when I glued my headlining. The car didn't have front or rear screens either, and I was aware of the danger of fumes as well.

aofb 28th June 2020 09:29

I'm going for black acoustic carpet on mine, bonded direct to the clam with high temperature spray adhesive.
It's a standard method for carpeting out vans.

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