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dcteague 21st January 2018 12:57

US Based Kobra Builds
Has anyone successfully started or finished a Kobra build in the US? I've been trying to get information on importing the kit without any success. Hoping someone here may have info or links to current builds so that I can contact the owner.

Barber 21st January 2018 13:04

Chris at Tribute has sent several kits to USA. Also there are some details on this forum, search for USA imports and they should come up.

dcteague 21st January 2018 13:50

Thanks - starting to find a few posts of individuals who have been looking to do the same thing but can't seem to find specifics. I'd love to also learn if anyone has used the M-Roadster as the base of a build. I know the rear ends are slightly wider so I'm curious if that creates any problems.

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