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martin butler 16th June 2008 18:03

do you want to se what i've got
its a charger 2 , quite rare had her now for about 3 years, but only spent about two years working on her had to completly overhaul the mechanics everything had siezed :drama: unfortunatly the previous owner had fitted all new parts, then laid the car up for ten years i bought her from ebay for a steal hopefully be on the road in the nex couple of months just the mot to get though

JG 16th June 2008 18:56

Would love to see it. It's a car I've been wanting to list on Madabout but havn't got any information or pictures of it.


martin butler 16th June 2008 20:18

trying to attach photos, not sure how to do it though

JG 16th June 2008 21:06

You can email them to me if you like and I'll add them

john { -@- }

martin butler 17th June 2008 19:27

i have emailed a pic to john, hope he got it , i have tried to find out what i can about it but info is scarse, it has the full opening doors so that makes it a mk2, the previous owners son told me the body dates from 1986 with means it most likily was either from ebeesee cars, or djh sports cars

the biggest problem i had was firstly, when i bought it, i had rented a garage with out any power or light, then when i moved i was able to park it up in a private car park whilst i finished it off, the locals soon discovered it, i had tools stolen and the tank drained, by some slovacs who live in the same block, they were even caught on cctv doing it! such good neibours, they even tried to get me to sell it to them,for scrap
because of that i had to fit locks on the engine compartment and boot but now she is ready forthe dreadded mot

JG 18th June 2008 20:29

Cheers Martin, got pictures today and have posted them below.

The Charger is one car I've not seen at a show yet. Quite a rarity now although a few hundred were supposed to have been sold.

Definately a Charger 2


martin butler 16th July 2008 19:36

charger 2
up date: went in for MOT on monday 7Th failed on front disc o/s being pitted , rear brake pipes touching the shockers and headlight aim, it appears that when the car was built it got fitted with one left hand drive headlight , never thought to check to be honest apart from the lights, rest was not much of a problem, the pipes had to be bent away from the shocks ,fitted new discs, now i have to wait for a set of r/ h drive light s from a fiesta mk1 to be delivered should be ok for the re test as long as i get it in by 2 weeks otherwise its another full test
passed MOT thusday 24th july its now on the road

alvin 22nd August 2008 00:01

oh nice one thanks for the piccies.. al>

Terrortubby 22nd August 2008 15:50

Very different,

nice to see another car back on the road.:biggrin1: :biggrin1:
Mines getting a full strip and tidy up at the moment.

martin butler 23rd October 2008 14:23

anyone else here own a charger?
mine has been on the road in in regular use now for the last three months ive still got to complete the interiour by fitting rear seats and carpets
i have been beset by a series of niggling problems with it, mostly to do with the fuel system but by a process of elimination ive now sorted it, it kept cutting out, would be ok for about an hour, then would cut out, then would run ,but cut out again , in the end i changed the fuel filter and re ran the fuel pipe so the fuel pump is gravity fed ,and guess what, it now runs fine ,the pipe is now above the engine and in the coolest place so that it does not evaporate the fuel i had to drop the engine out after a mounth because i had a oil cooler leak and i needed to change some pushrod tubes, whilst it was out i had the heads off, the barrels had been fitted with two of the pistons facing the wrong way so i refitted all four making sure that they ere the right way round and the ring gaps were spaced correctly
most of the attension has been on the body work, the drivers side dorr mostly, i have had to re inforce the bottom because the lock keeps on pulling the skins apartive sorted this by adding a new layer of fibreglass inside where the inner and outer meet and by pop riviting along the bottom edge the locking plate also has had to be replaced and reinforced where the striker is because that was pulling the lock through the body as you can tell ive been busy
but its not all doom and gloom, i managed to get it to a local car show in august and got very good coments on it, its still is not finished and wont be till early next year but my prority now it so get a basic demister fitted i still have the heat exchangers so i will be making up a pipe to go from those to a flexible copper pipe into the body, then through copper ,or ali pipes that jun along the botton edge or the floor to the dashboard to swivel vents for demisting/ face level heat, by using copper pipes im hoping that the heat from the pipes will heat the car. i could fit a small fan at the back of the vents to obtain a forced air flow if anyone has done this on a beetle based car,any tips would be most welcome

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