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eaa53 29th January 2013 17:11

Wiper Mechanicals
Is there a thread on the setting up of the window wiper mechanicals, driving me round the bend. Done the 55mm and 310mm mods. but the sweep is not right and there is a lot of stuff in the way of it operating properly.:icon_neutral:

Done the usual search but there appears to be no specific build detail that I can find.

Tried some of the build sites but failed to find any detail, most sites did not work.:icon_confused:


limpabit 30th January 2013 14:35

Bit of a pain to get right. Mine failed while driving in torrential rain testing car around Castle Coombe! Rivnut pulled out the tube and bent the threaded rod.

So this is how it is now. Cut the original Rover wiper tube. Inserted Rivnuts but "glued in" with JBWeld as well. Bought some high strength 6mm threaded rod. Seems to be working ok since this has been done.

It gives you the advantage to adjust the sweep.

I can take some measurements with pictures if you want? Also if needed, the measurements of the attachment at the motor end that was originally adjusted.

SDMC001 3rd February 2013 06:27

I threaded mine at each end which allowed some adjustment, got it to the point I wanted it and then bonded it, and if I recall used small jubilee clips for good measure.

This was done after my first one broke, it was still ok after I got rid of the car, some 2 years later.

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