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mcramsay 27th July 2015 19:57

Dash lower edge radius
Has any one any pictures of how they achieved the lower rash radius? Struggling to work out how to do it on my dash!

MartinClan 28th July 2015 09:39

My dash was a 2mm ali sheet. I just used a simple push fit u shapped rubber section from Wollies asI recall. Covered it in leather cloth and it looks fine.

Cheers Robin

mcramsay 28th July 2015 17:18

Thanks for the reply, I ended up getting one of our carpenters at work to put a 20mm radius on either side of a wooden batten which I will then fix to the lower straight edge of the dash to curve it round nicely, then foam and leather over the top

Chris Cussen 29th July 2015 07:13

I used a section of 1/2 inch water pipe lagging and covered it in leathercloth.

morris 29th July 2015 21:01

Here's how I did it

I just used a suitably radiused piece of wood trim that was then covered in foam and vinyl. I was caught out on the area behind the wheel though so ended up gluing a sliced piece of silicone hose over that and then stretching the foam and vinyl back over the top.

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