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Anthony Cherry 24th August 2013 09:26

A sneak preview news article featuring the Bertini GT25 has just been published in Complete Kit Car magazine. The words have been blurred by request of the editors. But they said nice things :-)

Anthony Cherry 4th September 2013 18:40

There have been a few developments:
Firstly there is another article - this time in TKC magazine (Total Kit Car). This one is an online article - but they want to do a print feature when its finished :-)
here is the link to the online article:

Kit development wise the first moulding is out of the mould and the underskin is being developed and fixed to allow easy installation of lights and grills + easy fitment of the bonnet to the existing hinges.
i have my Z3 back from the local BMW specialists DM WORX - i have had Bilstein Shocks, Eibach Springs and poly bushes fitted. Plus many worn suspension parts replaced.
Also had the wheels fitted balanced and tracking adjusted - it now sits 30mm lower and you can really notice the difference in the cornering.

Here is a picture of the new wheels fitted to my Z3.

WorldClassAccident 6th September 2013 09:15

I like your idea, it is the same idea I had!

We have taken slightly different approaches as I have no skills in making the molds or styling the body I approached Chris at Tribute to do mine for me.

I won't post pictures here as I don't want to spoil your thread but if you look over on the Tribute forum you should find the WCA build thread easily enough.

Your front end looks great, a modern interpretation of the classic style. Mine is also an interpretation rather than a replica but more period in style.

I will watch this thread with interest. Lots of pictures please, side shots and rear 3/4s when they are ready please.

Good Luck

PS If you want some front or rear wings that have only had one set of splash molds taken from them then PM me. Still in good shape but with some gloop still attached

Anthony Cherry 17th September 2013 16:01

im loving your work WorldClassAccident!... great minds think alike :-)

im going to be putting some more pictures up at the end of the week. hopefully with the grills fitted to the front end of the actual moulding.

are you planning on selling your car in a kit? or having tribute sell it? will it be finished for stoneleigh next year?

Anthony Cherry 23rd September 2013 17:16

Here is a flavour of what the front will look like with the grills fitted.

Anthony Cherry 23rd September 2013 17:18

Oops. Posted the image thumb. This should be a bit bigger.

Anthony Cherry 28th September 2013 08:47

I have just got the badge that I designed back from the manufacturers in China. I'm really happy with the quality :-)

The Shadow 4th October 2013 16:59

I like that a lot , the front looks great . Did you start with an existing bonnet or is that all hand created ? The curves are fantastic.

Anthony Cherry 4th October 2013 22:32

To make the plug for the mould it actually took 4 different bonnet/bumpers. And a lot of filler and hand craft.
Before the crafting took place the bonnet looked like a jigsaw of different components from different cars.

Thanks did the kind words. I hope to have a finished car for stoneleigh 2014. :-)

Anthony Cherry 17th October 2013 12:38

Here is the latest update of the work that's going on the rear.

redratbike 17th October 2013 14:04


just noticed the number plate? whats the deal there?

Anthony Cherry 17th October 2013 14:17

It's an Australian number plate. I'm trying to get the apature to fit UK, USA and Aussie plates. Also the southafrican ones and motorbike plates should fit in a treat.

Anthony Cherry 17th October 2013 14:19

I'm based in the UK. In Buckinghamshire.

redratbike 17th October 2013 14:26


Originally Posted by Anthony Cherry (Post 47505)
I'm based in the UK. In Buckinghamshire.

oorward thinking that regarding other markets and numberplate sizes

ha ha i amended my question after i saw you are in aylesbury...

are there going to any vents in the rear wings at the back?

DSG4ME 21st October 2013 07:56

Hi there,

I have been following your Bertini GT project since I first read about it several months ago and I am really impressed with what I have seen so far.

I designed something similar (a BMW/250 GTO/Lyonheart K mix) some time ago but it never got past the Photoshopped vision I had, but you have gone further and are building your dream car which is really great. One of the things which I like about the Bertini is that its a mixture of many other great cars without it been a direct replica of anything. That Jaguar concept inspired front end really looks the part and that rear end is progressing nicely, although slightly different to what I imagined at first. I thought the lower rear bumper/exhaust section would resemble the Lyonheart K. (another fantastic car). Even so, its still looks great.

One thing which I´m not too keen on are the rear lights units. You mention on your FB page that they are Porsche 996 units cut in half. If you are planning to sell kits outside the UK (I´m sure you will have many clients) you may find that cut-up or modified light units are illegal in some countries. Its always better to use unmodified light units as this has the advantage that if they get damaged the owner can always get a new light unit off-the-shelf. Have you thought of using the latest 2013 Porsche 911 LED lights or the Lancia Thesis LED units ? They probably cost a bit more but they would look awesome, and a car like the Bertini should have the best. I think you also mentioned somewhere that the front headlights are Fiat 500 units ? Here the ultimate would be these same Fiat units with the DRL,s and Angel Eyes (as seen on Ebay).

Will you be having any optional extras such as bonnet or front side vents ? Maybe in the future you could also offer a Coupé style hardtop (something similar to the Zeintec Porsche Boxter hardtop) so owners could have a coupé in the winter and a convertible for the summer.

I just can´t wait to see the finished car, its going to look stunning. I hope you put lots of pictures up on your website and if possible some videos so that all of us that live outside the UK and won't be able to see the car at a car show can get an idea of how it will be.

If everything goes as planned I´m sure you have got a winner there and you will sell many kits in, and outside the UK.

Best of luck. :-)

Anthony Cherry 26th October 2013 11:58

Thanks for your comments I was planning on having the Alfa GT rear lights for the project however they didn't look as good as the 911 lights cut down when actually in the back of the car.
The new 911 and 997 real lights are slightly the wrong shape and I'm hoping if things really take off to get the rear lights custom made and manufactured by companies such as hella.
The cutdown 911 the lights do not actually cuts through any light clusters merely the lens which connects them so the light clusters operate perfectly as they would before. there is no modification to the reflection or beam direction. all that is being removed is the top section of indicator and the indicator can be remounted.
Regarding the coupe and hardtop it's something that I've definitely got planned for the future I wish to have a coupe version of the car made in the year following its launch and also intend to try and manufacture a hard top for the convertibles with a fastback style.
I imagine that a lot of people who buy the kits will want to do certain modifications for themselves such as bonnet vents and vents behind the rear wheels. They may also have ideas regarding position and placement of exhaust pipes. With this in mind the rear diffuser will have no cutouts done for exhaust pipes as in the picture above.

I really can't wait to get the project finished so I can get a video and promotional pictures made :-)

y cymro 26th October 2013 13:42

I think those lights look very good. The back end reminds me of the Jag F type. How would lights from that fit the style, I wonder.

DSG4ME 27th October 2013 12:25

The F type lights don,t look too bad but personally I think they make the Bertini look too Jaguar-ish !

Here is a selection of different light set-ups. Take your pick, although if Mr. Cherry is going to have some custom made units for the car they will probably look awesome.

DSG4ME 27th October 2013 12:28

Sorry, the photo didnt appear.

Here is the link.

Anthony Cherry 27th October 2013 16:55

I'm loving the enthusiasm, I have tried a number of those lights already and unfortunately some of them are just too big. The Laguna Coupe lights are far too big for the back and meet almost in the middle. I initially really liked them but it just didn't work :-(

I like the Ftype ones. But they are pretty recognisable, expensive and do make the back look like a fake FType. (Not a bad thing at all!!! But not quite what I'm after).

There are also additional considerations such as the number of different lights in the rear cluster many of them are lacking things like indicators, reverse lights, reflectors, brake lights and taillights and some just have a combination of a few of them. which means you need to find additional lights which can make the back look untidy. this is the main reason I went to the porsche lights as they have majority of the bases covered. The latest 911 lights unfortunately have to be at a certain angle therefore it disrupts the lines as they are slightly upswept.

After trying the Laguna lights I then tried the alpha GT lights but these lack rear fog lights and reversing lights and they also lack reflectors so in essence they're really just a tail break and indicator which means I have to find three additional lights in the back this is what I scrapped that idea and went with the Porsche 996 ones.

I have not seen the lancia lights before so will look into them for a possible future revision.

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