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Anthony Cherry 27th October 2013 17:04

Thanks again DSG4ME. I love it when people get involved and give me ideas.

I have spent so long looking at the back of cars trying to figure out what lights to use.

Anthony Cherry 5th November 2013 23:02

I have just had a shed load if Bertini badges delivered from China (300 to be exact!)

Now I just need to sell 150 kits lol ;-)

Ozzie Dave 6th November 2013 04:08

On your lights issue, smaller numbers are viable through other suppliers, but remember the biggest issue is 'e' mark certification and testing, you should also check what some of after market manufacters can do, one or whether you can make a compasite lamp by using one of the SVC part units, and maybe a modified reflector or suchlike that fits next to it. testing alone would be in the many thousands of pounds.

DSG4ME 6th November 2013 09:35

I think Ozzie Dave has a point there about having some special lights made if you donīt find suitable units. It would cost a fortune to have them made, plus type approval, testing. etc
I have looked around too see if there is anything similar to your Porsche units and there isnīt a lot on the market. Maybe 1990,s Alfa units or 2006 Honda Accord ???

Have you thought of making your own custom units using off the shelf lights (E marked). This was popular a few years ago with Pontiac Fiero based kits. (like in the first photo)
You just make the lamp surround in fibreglass/plastic and add lights of your choice. And some smoked glass/perspex to cover them.

Brytec has some nice looking LED tail lamp units which I think are not too expensive and are just another idea.

Iīm sure you already have a good idea what the rear will look like. Canīt wait to see the next development of the car.
Those badges look very good, I hope you do sell many kits. :-)

Ozzie Dave 7th November 2013 08:44

like the top one, make a GRP housing for it, one that could have a perspex cover fitted over the top that follows the curve of the car should the user wish (yes then it can be done after regestration). far lower cost and no issues with legality. In certification the lights are tested for beam dispersion I believe (which really is stupid if made of lots of leds as it should not be required) but its a way around the issue and a significant saving.
I would be surprised if cut down lamps passed as they would have been 'modiefied', from when they had their original certification.
Please dont take this as a critisim as its not meant to be, it looks great, its just trying to get something done when there may be a far cheaper option, and a cost like that could be recouped over a number of units, but why not turn it into profit earlier(as long as its not too bigger compromise).I did certifications on a charger cost over 8K, after making 500 units decided to change and required new set of certs, solution change a plug and the charger cost me $3 with certs already done by someone else!

Anthony Cherry 7th November 2013 21:01

Cheers for the replies guys. I think it will be fine in the UK. As it just needs to pass the MOT. I'm not aware of the US or Aussie regulations. But I have a few contacts in both countries and will check it out. I'm running with the 996 rear lights for now. Hopefully they will be fine as the cluster is unchanged apart from the top indicator.

Anthony Cherry 7th November 2013 21:02

The rear is now filled smoothed and ready to have the moulds and mouldings made.

DSG4ME 8th November 2013 08:07

Hi there,

Now that smoothed out rear is looking good. It kind of reminds me a little of a modified Z8 special. It also looks very wide. The light units look good.

I suppose there,s not long left to see the īfinaleī. :-)

Anthony Cherry 8th November 2013 08:18

I was defiantly influenced by the Z8, F type, E type and eagle speedster rear ends.
The Porsche lights really help the back look wide. A look I really like.

I should have some finished mouldings and the mould done for the rear around Christmas. The first finished and fitted kit fully painted around mid February.

It needs to be totally done by mid February to ensure I can get it in a feature for a kitcar magazine before the stoneleigh show.

Anthony Cherry 10th November 2013 09:46

Here is a Bertini GT25 article in the news section from the November issue of KITCAR magazine.

Anthony Cherry 18th November 2013 14:57

I have had some key rings made. I intend to include a key ring with each kit. I'm a bit of fan of the little details 😃

WorldClassAccident 19th November 2013 11:53

Hi - I posted about my Z3 based 'special' back on page 2. Just an update - it is now on the road. Still some detailing to be finished but I reckon a decent paint job and fitting the wire wheels (and the interior) are the last big jobs.

As you can see, the style is far more '50s than your more modern interpretation so I don't think they will be appealing to the same buyers, not that I am selling the kits.

Anthony Cherry 19th November 2013 13:04

It looks great :-)
Defiantly has a different feel about it. Yours has a funky retro vibe.
I spoke to Chris last week and he said it was pretty much finished. Great work!

I look forward to meeting up with you at stoneleigh. :-)

WorldClassAccident 19th November 2013 13:45

See you at Stoneliegh hopefully.

Will yours be ready then?

Anthony Cherry 20th November 2013 00:13

The car should be finished sometime in February. I hope to have two cars for the stand at stoneleigh. :-)

Anthony Cherry 17th December 2013 09:53

With the front mold completed and the first molding made from that mold. We have now moved onto the rear.
This is a progress shot of the construction of the rear mold. It's nice and thick and constructed such that when the moldings are taken from it the one piece rear will include the rear light mountings and the boot lid returns to reuse the existing boot rubbers.
We should have the first molding made from this mold just after Christmas.

Anthony Cherry 21st December 2013 08:03

Things are moving along quite quickly now. There has been a news article in KIT CAR BUILDER magazine in USA and also the first rear moulding has been produced. I expect to start fitting them to the actual car early in January.
Then it's just a boot lid, mini front wings, bonnet light brackets and under skin.

Anthony Cherry 30th December 2013 07:50

Here is a hint of what the prospective Bertini Fastback coupe lines might look like. The fastback should share all the body panels with the roadster except the boot lid. This will mean roadster customers could convert their car to a fastback at a later date.

DSG4ME 2nd January 2014 12:12

Hi there, I really like the idea of a Bertini Coupe or fastback hardtop, especially if one can inter-change tops for summer or winter use.

I hope you donīt mind, I have done a quick Photoshop image of what a Coupe could look like. I`m sure you have many ideas in the pipeline.

Happy New Year.

Anthony Cherry 2nd January 2014 12:45

That's pretty much what I was thinking.
I like the addition of the central exhausts.

The coupe and roadster will be stand alone cars. They will just share the majority of the panels. This will mean a roadster owner can turn their car into a coupe. But this would be a pretty permanent change.
It is however my intention to make a removable hardtop for winter use. This will be more back swept than the existing Z3 hardtop but will still enable boot lid opening. It may be made with a 355/mr2 buttress style rear to enable more fastback lines and still allow boot lid opening.

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