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Anthony Cherry 2nd January 2014 12:46

Is that an audi TT rear screen in your photoshop?

DSG4ME 2nd January 2014 13:14

The rear screen is from a BMW Z4 Coupe, but the TT rear screen could be used.

Maybe your idea for a hardtop could be something similar to the (expensive) Hamann Z3 hardtop ???

Anthony Cherry 2nd January 2014 13:24

Great minds think alike.
I have already enquired on Z3 forums to borrow a hamaan hardtop from someone so I can use it as a base to rework the design slightly. But I have had no luck.
The hardtop will come after the coupe. So it will be 2015.

I'm getting pretty excited as the roadster should be ready to be painted at the end of February. ����������

DSG4ME 3rd January 2014 10:52

When you mention "a 355/mr2 buttress style rear to enable more fastback lines and still allow boot lid opening"

Maybe something on these lines ? (modified Hamaan hardtop style)

Anthony Cherry 3rd January 2014 11:16

that is exactly what i was thinking..
and it could be used on a standard Z3

Anthony Cherry 9th January 2014 22:16

I am pretty excited now as the rear moulding is fitted to the back of the actual first Bertini car.
I have a few pictures and a video of the moulding going on.
I am really happy as the door gaps look just as good as the original car.
Here is a link to the video which is on my Bertini GT25 facebook page:

and here are a few pictures:

DSG4ME 10th January 2014 09:41

Just seen the video on FB. (pity canīt see videos on an iPad or YouTube)

Now, thats what I call a quick bolt-on. If all kits were that esay to put together.
When can we see the front end?

Anthony Cherry 10th January 2014 16:35

I'm hoping that the front end will have the under skin (which holds the light brackets and hinge points) moulded and ready to be bonded end of next week. And then the bonnet trimmed and fitted the week after. In 6 weeks the car will be finished and ready for painting etc.

Anthony Cherry 28th January 2014 16:53

I have just got some fiat 500 arbarth xenons and i thought i would photoshop them onto an old progress picture with some grills and a different wheel.
I cant wait to get them fitted to the car when i comes back from the paint shop at the end of next week.

Anthony Cherry 3rd February 2014 22:30

I have just got the Bertini polo shirts and caps delivered. I'm really happy with the quality of the embroidery.
I know its only a little thing, but I really like the little details.
I'm looking forward to wearing them at the stoneleigh kitcar show.

Anthony Cherry 21st February 2014 12:06

Its not long now until i get the first Bertini GT25 back from the paintshop. A bit of tweaking was needed, but thats what the prototypes are for.
The car comes back on thursday - so next step is for me to choose the exhaust for the first car.
My intention is to leave the rear diffuser uncut when a customer takes their order so they can choose the style of exhaust they have fabricated.

here are a few options i have been thinking of. What do you guys think.

y cymro 21st February 2014 15:47

I think you're right in giving customers the opportunity to choose which exhaust they'd prefer.
My personal preference would be for the dual pipes shown on the right, but spaced out to the edge of the diffuser (as the outer pipe in the quad option).
Whichever is chosen, I'm sure your customer will like the flexibility you've allowed.

DSG4ME 22nd February 2014 08:06

I like all 3 but my favourite is the dual pipe in the middle. It reminds me a bit of the Lyonhart K.

Are you thinking about a different type of exhaust system, e.g. one that will sound totally different to the standard Z3 and give the car a sportier sound ?

Anthony Cherry 22nd February 2014 20:06

here are a few more options based of some of the suggestions i have received - cheers for all the input guys.

Anthony Cherry 1st March 2014 12:07

The Bertini GT25 is back from the paint shop hand the kit fitted. In pretty excited now as next week the lights are going in and the car will have its MOT.

I have got a walk around video on the facebook site which I will try and post.

y cymro 1st March 2014 14:17

That's very nice. I think you have a winner there, and I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.

DSG4ME 1st March 2014 18:44

Totaly agree with y cymro, you have got a winner there.

After following this project for so long its nearly finished. Just a few more weeks to go. There rear reminds me a little of the Z8. How does the boot lid open ? I see no lock. Will the kit include everything (grills, lights, badges)? Any idea on final price as many will like to know?

Anthony Cherry 2nd March 2014 10:52

here is the video of a walk around of the car - i am really happy with the panel gaps. it makes the car feel like a production car.
I have also got the exhaust box ready for fabrication. (its alot smaller than the VERY HEAVY original. and will make a great sound!

I'm fitting a the full strong strut system next week too.

Anthony Cherry 2nd March 2014 10:55


Originally Posted by DSG4ME (Post 53025)
How does the boot lid open ? I see no lock. Will the kit include everything (grills, lights, badges)? Any idea on final price as many will like to know?

the boot lid will open via a pull chord housed behind the filler cap. the filler cap locks when the car is locked (so it will be secure)

i intend to include the badges and grill mesh but not the lights.
they are all readily available and customers may be able to pick up a bargain.

i will be launching the price when i complete the website. but if you want to have an idea them message me on my email or facebook and i will give you a ball park figure.

mikmiglia 2nd March 2014 21:33

Nice work , should sell a few i am shore.

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