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euclid223 16th July 2015 06:12

Dave's Roadrunner SR2 Build
Hi all,

I found the forum a few days a go while looking for some information on build stands / build tables. I've started a build blog here

Based on a suggestion from "a big scary monster" (a forum user...not a real monster) I thought I'd come start a build thread here and drop an update when I post to the blog.

Please don't be too harsh on my "petrol draining technique". Noob mistakes...

euclid223 16th July 2015 20:45

And here is an update with some pictures of the chassis etc...

a big scary monster 17th July 2015 13:30

I just had a thought about your stand, if you visit your local hire shop see if they have any damaged no1 size builders trestles, they will probably let you have them for scrap value and would get you up off the floor till your table is built. Ed

MartinClan 20th July 2015 09:55

Now that looks like one of the best quaility chassis I have seen for a long time. Best advice - take your time and enjoy the build. If something doesn't go quite right sleep on it and come back the following day - I solved many problems like that!

Cheers, Robin

euclid223 2nd September 2015 19:40

I suspect I will make an art of taking my time with it :D Used the rainy weather this weekend as an excuse to get into the garage though


I'm gonna have a little shop around for some chassis paint and differential mount bushings. Get that LSD prepped and mounted next (maybe after I build a wall in the garden)

euclid223 7th January 2018 20:53

Long time no activity... Just posted up another blog entry though. Differential is ready to go in and starting to focus on rear running gear


Jaguartvr 8th January 2018 07:58

Just had a look at your blog, nicely done.
With your diff cleaning, I use a brass wire brush fitted to an angle grinder. The brass is soft enough not to damage or mark the casings but stips of the muck and oxidation very quickly and easily. I use a smaller pointer wire brush mounted in a die grinder for the awkward tight areas. I normally use this method for motorcycle engines.
One word of warning, always wear goggles, gloves and a thick top as the individual wires do detach themselves from the wire brush cup and can do a nasty injury unless you are suitably protected.
I find that wire brushes mounted in drills are just not man enough for the job.

euclid223 8th January 2018 21:10

Thanks for the tips. I've got a ton of aluminium casing to get through on the engine and gearbox, so I'll have look for some brass.

I'm a bit stuck stripping down the uprights at the moment. Wish I'd known it was easier to do some of this stuff while parts were still on the donor. You live and learn though!

euclid223 21st January 2018 19:39

In the past couple of weeks I've managed to get into a good rythmn. Saturday morning swimming lessons for the wee man then 4+ hours in the garage. Added a couple more entries to the blog including this


Long may this pattern continue. Really getting into it at the moment ��

euclid223 8th December 2019 20:08

Long time no post... I'm trying to win the award for slowest build ever. I've recently moved the blog across to so that I have control over the WordPress installation and can play around with that when it's too cold to go outside! Got about 5 posts I need to write to catch up.

Also posting pictures here as I finish each session in the garage largely as a photo record for myself

euclid223 9th December 2019 21:06

Written up a post on the driveshafts and CV joints. Sort of wish I'd looked at the service manual before getting into this one. I enjoyed getting a better understanding of how something pieces together off the back of a mistake though

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