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Mister Towed 20th May 2017 08:55

Dave P and Paul L, I couldn't agree more with your posts above, it's a shame when unnecessarily critical and/or rude comments spoil what is otherwise a massively useful resource for the hobby car builder.

As for Chris and Dan I have nothing but respect for their ability to rapidly develop classic looking cars and get the kits into production and into customers' hands. Having recently spent far longer than intended just making a mould for a bonnet scoop I can tell you that they work miracles in no time at all.

Their kits are sensibly priced and cater for a range of tastes and budgets - who else sells a brand new fibreglass car body (Mistral) for under £800?

They offer more comprehensive kits for under two grand in the MX250, D Type, Z300S and A352, while around another five hundred buys you a Kobra or MRS 200 kit.

At the top end of their comprehensive range you'll pay four thousand pounds for a convertible 250 SWB kit and five thousand for the coupe, which, given that it includes the roll cage and sliding side windows is quite a bargain - start looking at their competition and you'll find that once you start buying all the 'packages' you'll easily blow ten grand on parts alone for a Seven, Speedster or Marlin, and more than double that for anything that looks, sounds or even smells like a Jag.

So, the kits aren't perfect and need some fettling by the customer or their build agent to get them right. But, it's quite possible for the DIY builder to buy a Tribute kit and have a fully finished, painted Mistral on the road for around two thousand pounds, a D Type for less than four thousand or a 250GT SWB Coupe for easily under ten, and the customer built cars on this forum show what can be achieved with what really are budget kits.

Oh, and the panel gaps on Ross Brawn's 250 look a bit iffy while the side vents look like they came from ebay for a fiver inc. delivery from China. Ferrari should be ashamed of themselves...

Lucky@LeMans 20th May 2017 12:50


Originally Posted by Paul L (Post 88140)
Dave – My apologies, as it was your previous post on the ericholm thread that prompted me to start this thread.
( In an attempt to prevent the arguments hi-jacking someone else’s build thread and keep the forum a more positive place. )

However, clearly, I have failed. :icon_sad:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Scott – Personally, I don’t think anyone is disagreeing with you on this.

The point I was trying to make is that we shouldn’t confuse how the car could be improved with how good it is to begin with.

In addition, it seems somewhat unfair to apply very high standards to a product that is not priced to achieve those standards.

Call it ‘swooning’ if you must, but I still think Chris and Dan deserve credit for creating a SWB 250 kit for a Z3 from scratch. :cool:

Whilst it isn’t perfect, it is still a great starting point to build something special that holds its own compared to the more expensive alternatives.

Bob’s Tribute 250 – A great example - £24k

Mirage 250 – Turnkey price - £120k

Ross Brawn’s 250 – £8m, but it is a real one.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lucky – Can I just ask how much you would be willing to pay for a 275 kit with no issues?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sorry for keeping this debate rumbling on.

Cheers, Paul. :)

About £3995, same as the convertible 250SWB. There would be no reason to expect the new kit to have the same little issues that are known to exist in current models ie door and bonnet fit.

Jeff's post above backs up these thoughts and I know Richard at Nubodi is pushing the quality aspect. Only to be expected as he is the main build agent he wants a straight forward build.

My first kit build was a Viper Cobra back in the late 80's. It was a comprehensive body and chassis kit in gel coat. The GRP work was excellent, the panels all fitted without issue and the gel coat polished up really nicely. Its a long time ago but the kit was only £995 !!

swifty 20th May 2017 13:43

I think that it's not an issue for problems to be discussed on the forum it's this type of feed back that a business requires to move forward albeit that printed words can sometimes come across a little harsh. I for one have been looking at this rebody for some time now but are holding back to see if the few minor faults are ironed out at the moulding stage, they certainly are not a massive issue however 5k for a body should mean it fits from the beginning without having to take a cutting disc to make it fit.

I am sure tribute are happy with what they have achieved and the examples I've seen in the flesh live up to expectations so hopefully tribute will take on board the few minor issues and develop the mk2 moulds.

froggyman 20th May 2017 13:49

I'll pull the flush on this thread then.

Paul L 20th May 2017 14:43

This will be the last post from me on this, as I appear to be making things worse, rather than better. :rolleyes:

I also agree that this sort of debate works better face to face over a beer, rather than in the written word.

So I will just modify Lucky@LeMans bath analogy and call it a day.

You see a beautiful roll top bath at a stately home, but this is effectively unobtainable/ludicrously expensive.
( The Ross Brawn 250 )

An architectural salvage yard can sell you similar original baths, but they too are beyond your financial reach.
( The Mirage 250 )

At which point you find there is an option of buying a cheaper bath from a small supplier & doing some work on it.
You then find there is a bath building forum where others will help you create something you can enjoy.
( Tribute 250 )

Or you can get professional help to take the small supplier’s bath to a whole new level, with a factory standard finish.
( E.g. A Tribute 250 prepped and painted by JeffH :cool: )

Given that B&Q has an annual turnover of £3.9 billion & over 25,000 staff, I don’t think it is a fair analogy for two men in a shed.

Cheers, Paul. :)

Lucky@LeMans 20th May 2017 18:11

My very very last post on this one !

I can sort of see what you are getting at Paul L. You've mentioned all the options in your post above. I love the shape of the 250 SWB and will love the 275 for the same reason when it becomes available. I do admire the work done by Chris and Dan and they have lots of orders on the books.
Because it will only cost around £3995 ( same as the Kaliforina kit ) I will have to accept that the detail might be a little below par and some parts might not fit at all. Its a bit of a shame because I thought that aspect of the kit car business was long gone. The forum provides lots of help and advice so the problems can be addressed.

WorldClassAccident 20th May 2017 18:35

I suggest everyone comes along to the Tribute Owners BBQ to see the actual cars and discuss this over a pint and a hog roast.

Meat and Motors

The Tribute Automotive Owners Club BBQ is definitely on June 10th 2017

There will be just 10 show car places.
There will be room for other people etc but just 10 in the Car Show spaces of honour. Depending how this one goes I might arrange bigger things in the future in other parts of the country but I need this to be a success first.

The lucky people who are quick enough to book their space in the car show will get a free, yes FREE, BBQ Burger. Look at the menu on pub website and you will see these are great burgers with no added donkey meat.

The lucky people who are quick enough to book their space in the car show will get a free, yes FREE, Tribute Automotive t-shirt

The lucky people who are quick enough to book their space in the car show will get free, yes FREE, automatic entry into the public vote for the "Car of the Show" with a keg of beer as the prize!!

I have borrowed this place :

11:00 - 11:30 Meet at the pub
11:30 - 13:00 Drive around Southampton / New Forest with photo stops
13:00 - 15:00 Official BBQ and Hog Roast talking bollocks session
15:00 - ??? Well I plan to stay at the pub and drink my fill, you lot can do what you like :-)

obr 20th May 2017 22:37

Thanks for posting this Paul, I totally agree with what you have said.

I've seen so many negative comments on this forum and always been put off responding to them because I'd get drawn into arguing with the type of people who I would make every effort to avoid in everyday life.

For me it is very simple though, they have ruined this section of the forum and tainted the whole ethos of Tribute. If by any chance Chris is reading this then please accept my apologies on behalf of them, they just dont have the intelligence to understand your brilliance.

Should my comments be deemed so offensive that I have to be removed from the forum then it would be sad, however while the people I refer to are around I don't want to be here anyway.

Mister Towed 21st May 2017 07:54

Well said OBR.

The disappointing thing for me is that we've covered all this ground before about 18 months ago -

What would be useful though is if anyone could just add a list of the kit manufacturers who offer better quality (classic) kits for the same price as Tribute charge for theirs, as that would be a useful resource to allow potential customers to make an informed decision prior to purchase.

I'd also like to know how much DNA charge for a kit at the moment as I can't find a price list on their website and might like to build one myself -

As for the price/quality complaints regarding the 250SWB body from Tribute, perhaps it's time to ask whether five thousand pounds in 2017 actually is a lot of money? After all, it's only what a pro will charge to paint it for you.

Looking forward to seeing the list of alternatives that are better value.

Jaguartvr 21st May 2017 07:58

DNA are no longer selling kits, turnkey cars only.

Mister Towed 21st May 2017 08:05


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 88192)
DNA are no longer selling kits, turnkey cars only.

Thanks for that Jag.

Kind of makes any comparison with the Tribute kit pointless then.

Paul L 21st May 2017 08:39

Did I mention I am sorry I ever started this thread?

I certainly didn’t want it to involve trading insults. :icon_sad:

So may be this quote from the original ericholm debate is a better way of explaining it.


… It doesn't help when Tribute display unfinished cars for sale on Ebay. That unpainted 250SWB in black doesn't do the current product any justice. Put up a photo of one of the stunning finished cars…
The photos Tribute use are a fair representation of what you are buying from them, a great kit but with some flaws.

As neither of these cars have modern production standard panel gaps and both have clips holding the bottom of the bonnet.

These photos show what you should be able to put together “out of the box”.
( I am honestly not sure why some builders have more fitting issues than others. )

Whereas this is an example of a photo used by Nubodi to advertise their services. :cool:

What you are paying Richard and his team to do is bring the basic kit Tribute that supply up to a factory level standard.

So, to me at least, this debate boils down to people expecting a Nubodi standard at a Tribute price, which is fundamentally unfair.

As if you want a production car standard kit, then you need to paid DNA/Mirage prices.

Does that make sense?

Anyway, its not raining at the moment and I've been working on my own car since 8am, so I've got to go...

Mister Towed 21st May 2017 09:24

At least now I can understand why Nubodi quit this forum and why Chris and Dan don't seem to bother with it any more either.

Bye now and could the last person to leave this forum please turn the lights out.

lancelot link 21st May 2017 14:06


The Formosa isn't perfect either ...and wouldn't be authentic if it was ...its not bad though !

I am in a slightly different place to some on here ...The S*mmio's were in need of a lot of straightening out secret ..but definitely priced accordingly .... The Formosa is my attempt to up the game on previous renditions sticking to my re-body technique that I love .. ...its a bit difficult to make the comparison with the 250 SWB , they are different concepts really , very different builds , very different outcomes ...

The nearest comparible , in my view is the DNA ...But as you say not available anymore in kit form ...they were around the 7 grand mark I think and are a really nice bit of kit they should be ......3 grand dearer than the Tribute should buy a lot of reduced effort.

But , I actually think they are too good ..super crisp gaps and swage lines that look 'manufactured' ..if that makes sense ...almost too good to be original ...and thats why I can't comment really I prefer the warts and all styled cars from an original aspect but fully understand current builders wanting to build to the highest standard achievable ....

Out of interest ....and I know your answer Jeffy baby ....but if Tribute addressed all the issues , got the panel kit arrow straight , dealt with all the issues , perfect fibreglass etc... would you all be prepared to pay the equal 7 grand for the Roadster and a comparable , say 8-9 grand for the hardtop ?

I suspect many of you wouldn't , but would choose taking the option of the cheaper version and dealing with the issues yourself rather than spend the extra bunce .....

Considering the high prices being quoted to build the cars and also being asked of cars for sale , insurance values etc....and the reduced bodyshop bill or agent build bill starting with a higher priced , higher quality kit ... you'd all still be onto a winner .....

Nubodi Automotive 21st May 2017 15:33


Originally Posted by Jeff H (Post 88203)
LOL @Towed.

No constructed reply then ? so you flounce, brilliant.

FYI Nubodi has been banned from here by Tribute as Chris felt the arguments were not helping , I bet he is delighted Paul started this thread ?

I have said it before, the cars look great finished and done to a good standard, I admire what Chris has achieved, don't forget he has no body work experience to fall back on.

The buck needed more time spent on it, this has been admitted by Chris himself, I have spoken to Alan who painted Nubodi's NO7 car which by the way I thought was really well done apart from the inner bonnet gap, Alan will tell you they need a ton of work to get right.

I think I will bow out of this now, it seems if my opinion does not align with yours then I will always be the bad guy.

Just to set this record straight. We have not been banned by Chris at all. We do not have time to post and have no incentive to, especially when the forum degrades to this level.

Tribute Automotive 21st May 2017 17:31

My carefully considered, polite and factual answers will follow in a few days.

WorldClassAccident 21st May 2017 19:22

My carefully considered, polite and factual answers will follow in a few days.

Don't bother Chris, just come to the BBQ and we can have a full blown cage fight!


Love and peace guys

JG 22nd May 2017 11:21

Have been away for a few days so just catching up.

As long time users will be aware I've had to close down threads in the past for various reasons to protect the forum from sinking to lows I don't want it to go to (plus the forum is not here to air legal disputes)

I've read this thread through and I personally only see peoples opinions being aired, and so far in a non confrontational way, so not sure why there is a bit of vibe from some.

Before someone blows, remember, this is just a forum to discuss the good and bad of kit building and enjoying the results there after. Sometimes it seems a bit like a football fan site where you are either Man U or Arsenal and nothing in between.

Chill chaps, summers coming .

Now I'm going to get some popcorn and will see what Chris has to say :pop2:

WorldClassAccident 22nd May 2017 13:09

Cage fight was a joke

Love & Peace was a hope


Tribute Automotive 22nd May 2017 20:25

The inner skin mould for the front end section of the SWB had additional steel bracing added over 12 months ago, meaning that the completed front ends since then fit without any modification.

The 275 door skins/moulds are longer on the leading edge and could be used on the SWB kit with modification the existing front end mould.

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