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daveytz 3rd July 2021 10:57

Painting completed
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Finally finished what I need to do. Paint and detailing complete. Just need to decide on wheels now.

daveytz 4th July 2021 19:42

Well that lasted long. Some just drove in her today! Drunk driver piled into my side.

daveytz 4th July 2021 19:48

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A nice drive out cut short

molleur 4th July 2021 19:49

Is it repairable?

casamolino 5th July 2021 08:30

Morning are you OK? Geoff .

DaveP 5th July 2021 20:40

Sorry about the prang

Hope you ok physically. Fricken drunk ? Throw the bloody book at them.

Hope car is repairable. It looks like the door took nearly all the impact.

Best wishes


daveytz 5th July 2021 21:50

I was ok just a bit whiplash. Totally gutted about my little Kate though. Literally just finished the body work days earlier. Not sure if she’s repairable yet. Just waiting to find out. 😢

daveytz 5th July 2021 21:54

We were very luck to be honest. I was the third car, the cause of it hit another car first and they t-boned me! If they’d hit me first it would be a different story!
No idea how they will value the car though!

Jaguartvr 6th July 2021 09:43

Don't accept the first offer the insurance company offers you, they will try and screw you, they are all the same.
If they do write it off which they almost certainly will, try and get the salvage car in the settlement you can then swap the undamaged parts over to a new donor.
Always worth getting an agreed valuation.
Main thing is you walked away.

molleur 6th July 2021 17:27

Totally agree with the above.

daveytz 7th July 2021 12:52

Will keep you updated

daveytz 7th July 2021 12:53

Do we know how many mx250c have been sold? I know they are discontinued now. Last time I asked it was only something like 12 but that was a couple of years ago

Paul L 9th July 2021 15:46

daveytz - I saw this photo the other day and though I must post a reply.

Can’t believe that by the time I get around to it, this has happened.

Glad to hear you are OK, but gutted that you didn’t get a chance to enjoy your build.

Take care, Paul. :)

WorldClassAccident 9th July 2021 19:06

I got my Z300S out of paint about a week before the Stoneleigh show one year and one the drive back a woman drove pulled out of a side road and cracked the rear section. I was stationary with the hand brake on when she hit me.

It needed a new rear end and the insurance company originally wanted to write it off. A phone call and some photo's changed that thankfully.

Good luck

daveytz 13th July 2021 16:50

Positive update. An assessor visited me and agreed the car could be repaired. I think partly because they couldn’t effectively value it. She is now sitting in a repair shop awaiting the work.
Thanks for all the well wishes 👍

daveytz 13th July 2021 16:53

Out of curiosity why were they discontinued? Do we know?

kon 14th July 2021 09:00

I believe the original car makers were threatening to sue for either copyright infringement or damages to the brand, because people kept sticking a black horse on them (or possibly both). Less headache for Tribute to focus on other builds which dont have the threat of legal action hanging over them.

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