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JONORacing 23rd May 2012 07:02

IVA - How difficult??

A simple question which many of you will hopefully be able to assist with,

How difficult is it to pass the IVA and is there a guide like the old SVA or is it similar?

I know I need to run lights but which one's and at what height etc I'm not sure. Also I believe there is a minimum ride height but I'm not sure if this is the case.

I had thought about putting the bits on I thought it needed, putting it through an MOT and seeing what was wrong and then just trying it at the IVA.

Any help advice would be great,

Cheers JONO

limpabit 23rd May 2012 10:58

I think if you follow similar rules to the old SVA, you won't go far wrong. Really depends on the luck of the draw at the end of the day. How much they want to find and go into details.

I would definatley suggest getting the car through an MOT first. Cheap look over and will show little things that might have been over looked in the throws of getting the car ready.

As for lights. If you go for the ones (fog and reverse) in with the other lights, height should not be an issue. Might be if using the ones that mount near the number plate.

Take plenty of cable ties and rubber edging. May help on the day.

Chris Cussen 23rd May 2012 12:55

Id suggest you look at this I think it might be slightly out of date but it a very good starting point.

Read through it and check all that you can.

Things to watch out for are radius failures on wings etc, and covering nuts and bolts in the front suspension area.

An MOT is a good idea, I had one before my IVA and it picked up a couple of things

nutter 24th May 2012 09:10

I would say read the manual as well. I didnt bother with an MOT.

Before my IVA I printed the IVA manual out and got a friend to go through and have a look at the manual and my car, ticking things off or commenting on them as he went.
By the end of we made a list of about 20 or so things that might need looking at again.I then tried my best to implment the suggestions.

Getting another set of eyes looking over your work, is a good method, as they will see something slight different to you.

It still took the car 2 re-tests to get through. :)

Good luck

JONORacing 25th May 2012 06:51

Thanks for the advice,

Do you not have to have an MOT before you can IVA??

When my dad put his Sportster through back in 2003 he did the MOT before SVA, as you could drive it to the MOT, so gave him an excuse to drive it.

I will start going through the manual as there are a lot of extra bits I need to put in place or move so it would be legal, so may take some time.

Cheers Jono

nutter 25th May 2012 07:04

No you dont need an MOT before the IVA.

See the IVA as an MOT on steriods

As you said yourself, your dad only got an MOT so he could drive it.

Chris Cussen 25th May 2012 08:59

You don't need an MOT before IVA but it is a good check-over of the car.
IVA is very different from an MOT, many other things get checked like sharp edges, speedo accuracy, seat position, rear vision using the mirrors, if fitted with wipers it they need to be two speed and at significantly different rates, de-misting, e-marking on glass, noise level, fuel tank type and location, fuel filler... its a huge difference.

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