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zxrjon 30th June 2018 18:19

best glue for panels?
what is the best adhesive for bonding fibreglass to painted steel?
i'm guessing a PU adhesive, but what is the thoughts of the experienced?

phil.coyle 30th June 2018 20:06

checkout Sikaflex adhesives, but be warned once it sets that's it.
I used it to bond my aluminium transmission tunnel, tried to take apart a few years later , forget it!


zxrjon 30th June 2018 20:35

Thanks Phil.
I've been looking at Sikaflex, Tiger Seal and Tetrasol.
I'm sure they're pretty much of a muchness but like the opinions of those who've used them.

Mitchelkitman 1st July 2018 15:22

I've used one called Fixall from toolstation - seems every bit as good as the branded ones at a fraction of the price.

Paul L 1st July 2018 17:55

ZXRJon – I used a general purpose bonding paste from Glasplies:

This required a catalyst and starts off blue.

Then, before it starts to set fully, it goes brown.

I actually came across my test piece the other day…
( Box section steel and fibreglass. )

Three years on and it is still as solid as a rock.

Hope that helps, Paul. :)

Lucky@LeMans 2nd July 2018 19:50

I've used PU18 which is designed for automotive / marine and industrial use. Very strong bond for most applications. I usually buy it through ebay sellers for about £4 per tube, it goes along way too.
With Sikaflex there are more than one type. The stuff sold through places such as Screw Fix is the cheaper DIY version which has lots of "filler" in it and less bonding material so its not as strong as the professional version.

zxrjon 8th July 2018 21:12

Thank you for the replies.
I'm going for the Glasplies stuff recommended by Paul.
They'll be a few bits that will be Sikaflex bonded too.

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