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IanA 23rd June 2015 18:39


Originally Posted by Danny_HUFC (Post 68498)
+1 on the drop top.

Another +1 from me and...

presumably the longer nose on the 275 means you keep the alloy "bumper":nod:

275NART 24th June 2015 02:17

I "lurk" here on the forum but read along a lot of the tribute threads and of course George's 275 thread. I felt compelled to respond here as this is something I'm personally working on... as my user name might suggest.

This is a tricky car to do as a tribute instead of a replica. The visual proportions of the original car are much different from any modern car and the iconic bubble windshield and low slung body exaggerate its looks even further. In my opinion the coupe lends itself well as a tribute on the z3 donor because the roof/greenhouse can balance the changed proportions of the front; however, I'm not sure it will work well as a convertible without changing the proportions significantly. For the NART spyder the rear would have to be substantially shortened and the spoiler less pronounced to balance with the long nose but short area between the wheel arch and door/a pillar. The 250 SWB convertible and coupe work great on the z3 because the front does not have covered headlights and is much more stubby. I think what George and tribute will turn out will both look phenomenal still and I'm anxious to see the work in progress. Sorry if I'm veering off the original topic!

Kit 275GTB 24th June 2015 08:14

275 NART, you have summed up the problem very well - it is what I have referred to as "configuration". The nose is very long, the distance from the door to the rear arch is very short and the roof is very low compared to modern cars. I have used the Z3 as a donor, following Tribute Automotive's lead as all the panels simply unbolt but it is difficult to maintain the characteristic style of the 275 and that would be further lost with the NART back end. It would be great if there existed a ready made chassis of the right proportions but the cost of making a bespoke one is beyond the means of most people on this forum and then there is the cost of making that beautiful screen.

Kit 275GTB 24th June 2015 08:23

275NART, I hope you don't mind, I have taken the liberty of copying this to my 275 thread. I have just taken in your comment that "this is something I am personally working on" so I would be very interested to hear your views.

275NART 24th June 2015 22:22

Hi George,

I will email you as I know you were having trouble remembering what we had talked about in the past. Don't want to clutter this thread any more than I have!

Tribute Automotive 26th June 2015 20:45

I think I need to state a few things about this project before we get to far ahead of ourselves here.

Our customer (Kidge) approached us about 2 years ago with a view to having an MX250 built, but on driving an MX5 decided he needed a little more car around him. At that time we had started on WCA's Z300S project and Kidge liked the idea of the Z3 base car. He asked about the possibility of producing a 275 'style' body conversion. Now we have finally made a start on the project the brief is to take one of our existing SWB kits and change the nose, tail and some other details such as side windows to make a good looking car, not a replica as such.

We are treating this as a one-off for Kidge and currently have no plans to produce moulds and kits, we have spent way too much time and money on the SWB project over the last year.

Back to the car, Kidge is planning to use TVR light covers along with some very nicely made brass trims that will later be chromed:

Egdik 26th June 2015 22:45

early beginnings
5 Attachment(s)
Thanks for the intro Chris.

Here is a blend drawing of GTB / Z3 panels.

More lights, with added stainless surrounds; the rear p,b,i, led light is made in Aus and sourced through LR Gawley in Markyate. The indicators are led Landrover replacements, online purchase. Side repeaters are the tear drop italian ones.

Crystal 7'' headlights with the clear glass are attractive for transmitting more light.

The wheels are matt silver bmw 6.5 x 15 with 225/60 tyres, giving an overall diameter of c.653mm 3% more than standard.

Below we are cutting up a flat oval SS tube to create two side strips, which are then pinched to give a soft V shape profile.

Attachment 2606 Attachment 2613 Attachment 2612

Attachment 2610

Attachment 2611

Egdik 13th August 2015 18:12

1 Attachment(s)
Here is a photo that shows the front end starting to take shape. It is a combination of Dino and SWB panels.

Attachment 2774

Ollie 13th August 2015 19:23

Another one to watch with interest...!
Looking Good...

smash 13th August 2015 20:01

Good god do you guys at tribute never have any down time?!

Tribute Automotive 31st August 2015 21:55

Tribute Automotive 31st August 2015 22:13


Originally Posted by DSG4ME (Post 68414)
What about a 275 Nart Spider kit ?

It would be easier to build than a GTB.

Some say the 275 Sypder is the most desirable Ferrari of all as only 10 were ever built. You can imagine how difficult it is to see one on the road.


Car photographer 31st August 2015 23:35

That's looking very cool!!

Triumph Special 1st September 2015 07:15

That's got an awful lot of potential!

Roadster 1st September 2015 07:19

That's looking great
When I saw it in the flesh I was aware just how long the front overhang. But the rear is in proportion and it works.

Its always great to see all the separate elements when they blend into the final shape

Ollie 1st September 2015 07:27

Very nice...again...!
Whats with the window frames......?
Wind up windows, perhaps.....?

Very Andy 1st September 2015 08:18

Looking a bit Italiaesque, very nice Chris.

....Italia Coupe that never was...

Egdik 1st September 2015 12:05

Good to see Chris and Dan's progress.

Ollie, It was always our intention to have wind up / electric windows. We have used a front glass guide reversed at the rear and welded on a top window rail from a Fiesta; plus we will use the fiesta door seals.

Inside the door things are a bit tight, but the frame can be inserted / removed with the Lexan window in place; the brackets now being bolt on.

Uncertain about the quarter lights but may look for some windscreen glass with the right curve, no bm paint, but put a stainless trim on the front edge ?

We will try and use the bmw handle door lock mechanism, with a new handle, fitted to the grp doorskin. Kidge.

275NART 2nd September 2015 01:29

Coming together nice! Very cool.

smash 6th September 2015 16:40

Wow - that is really looking - almost bang on for a 275 short nose.

Honestly think this is your most cohesive design to date.

The SWB is really nice but the modern rake of the windscreen always felt a little awkward to me. But here - it just all works, and the windscreen rake is perfect.

Brilliant work - can't wait to see what it looks like finished. It'd be a massive, massive shame not to produce a kit from this although obviously there are probably very good reasons why it may not be possible.

Kidge you must be very excited :)

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