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Roadster 30th January 2016 09:54

The pics are good but they still don't do it justice, it has a real presence when you see it in person.
Im looking forward to seeing the finished car

Kit 275GTB 30th January 2016 09:54

275 replica
Now you know why I have been working on a 275GTB replica unstead of a 250!

Triumph Special 30th January 2016 11:13

That really is pretty. Am holding off on my decision re. Kalifornia until this car is finished. It has an 'overgrown GT6' vibe that really appeals.

Car photographer 30th January 2016 16:43

Very nice work

Tribute Automotive 3rd February 2016 18:16

Drummajor 3rd February 2016 18:23

Coming on a treat that is :)

Triumph Special 3rd February 2016 18:42

Love it, congrats to Chris and Dan. I'm thinking white with wide steels...

IanA 3rd February 2016 19:01

Magicians both.
Good luck getting the wheels, stance and spring heights right.

Roadster 3rd February 2016 21:52

Im always impressed
If a 275 was put beside it sure you would see its not a replica but Chris always manages to capture the essence of the original.

This is beautiful

Triumph Special 17th February 2016 13:00

Thank you for showing me the 275 today, Chris. It's a real credit to you. I'll be in touch after we've moved.

Triumph Special 19th February 2016 19:52

Donor located, Chris! Once I've got my garage (I think a house comes with it, not sure...) I'll be in touch.

Kit 275GTB 26th February 2016 08:16

Dripping with jealousy!
Oooohh that looks good! My own 275GTB project is coming on more slowly because there is only me and I can only work half a day. I am impressed by the verisimilitude, Chris and Dan, Yes, I agree it is not an accurate reproduction but it is a really excellent evocation of the shape. I don't know how you managed to get the engine lid looking like that, I have had to cut my one short by about 100mm to fit the shorter Z3 engine bay. I have also had to modify both the side "gills" and the boot opening to get the body to fit so there have been lots of compromises.
As the old joke says "If I were going there, I wouldn't start from here". I would now choose a different donor and to hell with VOSA requirement not to cut the upper body. It would be a lot more expensive though ...
See you at the National Kit Car Show.

ned 26th February 2016 09:30

Chris have you set the rain gutter above the door into the roof ?
really like the look of this one

NZ Steve 9th March 2016 02:28

Any more photos Looking good:thumb:

Egdik 2nd May 2016 12:25

Z3 Ride heights
Recently talked to Chris about standard ride heights and sourced these:

Z3 front ride heights from the Bentley usa manual

Measured from lower edge of wheel rim to top of chassis arch [not bonnet or plastic arch]
Normally loaded means driver and passenger 150lbs each; full tank; 50lbs in boot
A variation of 10mm between sides is permitted

Wheel size / suspension Ride height
15 inch
standard suspension 647mm / 25.5''
sport suspension 632mm / 24.9''

16 inch
standard suspension 660mm / 26.0''
sport suspension 645mm / 25.4''

17 inch
standard suspension 632mm / 24.9''
sport suspension 660mm / 26.0''

Triumph Special 6th May 2016 19:57

Are there any more recent photos of this? I dropped in to Tribute a few months ago and rather fell for it!

Egdik 6th May 2016 23:12

Planning on a step forward with the buck next week.

Tribute Automotive 10th May 2016 19:33

Some progress. We are at the final detail and surface finishing stage, so lots of sanding filling sanding filling. Hoping to get some filler primer on tomorrow. Seperate bonnet has been deleted, which makes the front end look much longer:

Door rubber returns added but still needing to be smoothed out:

Roof reprofiled around Kidge constructed door frames:

obr 10th May 2016 20:34

Lordy lord!

This is looking superb.

Triumph Special 10th May 2016 22:11

Deleting the bonnet aperture is a massive improvement. It looks even more like a big GT6 now. :)

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