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JG 24th June 2018 06:38 wires?

lancelot link 24th June 2018 07:54


Originally Posted by JG (Post 95701) wires?

Rusty wires at present ....just a set of rollers I use during the builds ..

Lucky@LeMans 24th June 2018 08:43

Looking good. What paint did you use ?

Paul L 25th June 2018 18:32

A belated +1 to the dark red colour looking really good. :cool:

Car photographer 14th July 2018 12:52

very cool!!

lancelot link 6th September 2018 05:57

Alex 6th September 2018 19:46

looking good mate :icon_smile:

lancelot link 23rd September 2018 11:46

Lucky@LeMans 23rd September 2018 14:19

Wow, the finished result is stunning !
I was surprised to see who the seller is though.

lancelot link 23rd September 2018 14:57

Paint and finish work , MOT etc all done by Bisto34 on here ...He does do a great job of putting the finishes touches on the builds he does ...

He's starting Ray Hutchings Vitesse example Monday ...a bit of fettling , paint and MOT work ...

Alex 23rd September 2018 15:30

Bloody Hell, I will be very happy if they are being valued at that sort of money, not that I want to sell mine but if they are currently valued at that then I have nearly doubled my money in a year. Certainly well deserved as its a cracking car and I couldn't be happier with mine

oxford1360 24th September 2018 08:22

I can hear rochdaleGT's indignation and keyboard pecking.

The car looks stunning. Love the frame and door hinging.

Barber 24th September 2018 11:28

By his reckoning, all 7esque and cobra replicas should be worth next to nothing, despite the well established and consistent market.

lancelot link 24th September 2018 17:37

Plate should read HPP 688N .... Reliant Formosa 120 5th September 2019 10:12

Sorry to pop in unanounced
Dad and i have been loving the build diary on here, unfortunatley we have got to the point where we have to sell our G46. please tell your frends

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